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Wolff and Vasseur receive warnings for ‘inappropriate language’ in Las Vegas

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Wolff and Vasseur receive warnings for ‘inappropriate language’ in Las Vegas

PARIS (AP) — Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and his Ferrari counterpart Fred Vasseur have each received warnings for using inappropriate language during the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The International Automobile Federation, the sport’s governing body, indicated on Thursday that the two team leaders do not usually use such words.

The two appeared at a press conference last week at F1’s anticipated return to Las Vegas. Both reacted excitedly for various reasons and used swear words.

The central issue was because a loose manhole cover caused serious damage to Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari and caused the first practice session to be canceled after just nine minutes. When referring to what happened and the damage to the car, Vasseur used rude language.

Woff responded angrily when a reporter pointed out that the situation was not to be taken lightly.

Race stewards said Wolff and Vasseur breached F1’s sporting code of conduct by using “unacceptable language.”

But the FIA ​​acknowledged that Vasseur “was extremely angry and frustrated by the incident” and that such language “is not common” for him.

The FIA ​​said Wolff’s response was also not typical of his character and that there may have been an element of provocation.

At a cost of half a billion dollars, the Las Vegas GP got off to a rocky start. They had to wait two and a half hours to start the second practice while arrangements were made on the urban circuit. Several sewers had to be sealed to start the second practice that should have started at midnight, but ended up starting around 2:30 in the morning on Friday.

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This caused chaos, as spectators were ordered to leave prior to a 90-minute session that ended at 4 in the morning, the deadline for the routes to be traveled by Las Vegas residents.

Before winning the race, three-time champion Max Verstappen criticized the event, saying it was “99% spectacle and 1% sporting event.”

It was the third F1 race this year in the United States, the most in any country. F1 and its owner, the American company Liberty Media, are seeking to capitalize on the popularity generated by the Netflix series “Drive to Survive.”

F1 said the race attracted 315,000 spectators over the weekend and had an economic impact of $1.2 billion for Las Vegas.

The 22-race season culminates on Sunday with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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