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Word-of-mouth masterpiece “The Long Confession” FIRST Film Festival Offline Screening

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Word-of-mouth masterpiece “The Long Confession” FIRST Film Festival Offline Screening

Original title: Word of mouth masterpiece “Long Confession” FIRST Film Festival offline screening Zhou Yiwei Yin Fang Wanma Caidan appeared to support

Directed by Zhang Lu, supervised by Nai An, starring Ni Ni, Zhang Luyi, and Xin Baiqing, and starring Soryo Ikematsu, Ryoko Nakano, and Shinyin, the ultimate aesthetic love film “The Long Confession” was recently held at the FIRST Film Festival. After the screening, it not only won the support of friends in the circle, but also received praise from ordinary audiences. Actor Yin Fang praised, “The past and the present are intertwined to develop a lot of imagination.” Actor Yiwei Zhou bluntly said “good-looking”, “I feel like a master of internal boxing is closely filming.” Director Wanma Caidan congratulated Director Zhang Lu for “presenting a seemingly simple but emotionally complex story well”. Some viewers couldn’t help crying while watching the movie, “There is a string in my heart that was plucked.”

Yiwei Zhou praised the director as Yin Fang, a master of internal boxing: It gave me a lot of emotional connections

“The Long Confession” has been recognized by the 12 major international film festivals since its promotion, and it can be called the Chinese film recognized by the most international film festivals in 2021-2022. This time, at the scene after the FIRST film exhibition, director Zhang Lu’s friends in the circle were all present, and they gave high praise after watching the film. Actor Yin Fang said after watching it, “I like movies that create a feeling of interweaving time and space. The space between the past and the present is intertwined, and a lot of imagination is developed through fragments. The memory presented in the film gives people a multi-layered feeling, and many scenes give I bring emotional hookups, and I especially like Director Zhang Lu’s unadorned quiet scheduling.”

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Zhou Yiwei bluntly said “good-looking”, “I feel like a master of Neijiaquan filmed it densely and quietly, which is different from the kind of film that wants to hold the audience in a short period of time. I saw a good film today. It became a very pleasant day.” At the scene, he also turned into a little expert to ask questions, “Are the scenes in the movie pre-thought or improvised on the spot?” Director Zhang Lu replied sincerely after thinking, “I have never split the mirror, the script There is only an outline, and I will clear the scene for ten minutes for every scene and then make adjustments based on the actors’ movements, so the first time I filmed the filming team, I was very confused.” It is precisely because there is no limit. The scheduling, the immersive feeling, and the interpretation of impromptu collisions make “The Long Confession” a beautiful scenery with unique temperament and pure purity this summer.

A movie I will definitely watch again!The audience was moved to tears

Wanma Caidan, a director who is familiar with Zhang Lu’s style, said, “I have seen every film of Zhang Lu, and I am amazed that in a space different from the past, such a seemingly simple yet complicated I especially like the dialogue in it, and congratulations to Director Zhang Lu.” Director Kumi Chenglie praised, “The language of the film gave me a very big surprise, and I especially liked this film.” Director Zheng Dasheng was very excited, “For me, this is a good movie with smooth images. It’s a movie that we can’t recommend with words, but we will definitely watch it again. The three actors are incomparably enthusiastic. precise”. Director Zhang Lu joked that he was sitting next to Zheng Dasheng and had been supervising whether he could sleep or not. Zheng Dasheng immediately replied, “This is not a good sleepy movie, it’s beautiful, I’ve been laughing all the time.” Editor Kong Jinlei sighed, “I have a lot of room for imagination in the process of watching the movie, and the deep memory of emotions is common to everyone.”

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The film poetically presents a love story about confessions and farewells, and ordinary audiences are also generous with it. Some viewers were moved by the film to express their own feelings, “The feeling this film gives me is the same as watching Haruki Murakami when I was a child. , Iwai Shunji, I don’t have many thoughts in my heart, but I don’t know why I watched and watched, tears flowed, but such tears have not flowed down for many years, as explained in the film, there will always be a string in my heart, when After you have experienced the most ordinary things in life, you will naturally be moved”, “It’s rare to see a movie that talks about love well, moisturizing things silently but never forgetting, the movie has a lot of stamina”, “No one can’t forget one in his heart. The name seems to be a story that happened around me.” The endless good word of mouth feeds back the popularity of the film, making “The Long Confession” a must-see film for many people in August.

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The film “Long Confession” is produced by Emei Film Group, Beijing Huanxi Premiere, Chengdu Youth Sea Show, Midnight Out of Focus, released by Chengdu Youth Sea Show, and jointly issued by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. It will be released nationwide on August 12.

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