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Wu Jinyan stepped out of the “comfort zone” of ancient costumes to challenge and interpret the emerging modern profession “bargaining division”

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Stills picture.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

China News Online, September 9th (Xu Yinkang Yuzhan) The urban romantic light comedy “My Bargaining Queen” starring Wu Jinyan, Lin Gengxin, and Wu Qilong is now on Dragon TV. “Bargaining Master” is a new profession that is rarely known to the public, and this is precisely the key reason why Wu Jinyan took over the filming. “I haven’t known the bargainer before. It is indeed a bright spot that attracts me. After reading the script, I found that there is a big gap between the bargainer and the character that I understand, which is really challenging.” Wu Jinyan said in an interview with reporters on the 9th.

Since the fire of “Strategy of Yanxi Palace”, Wu Jinyan’s career has taken off, and he has served as the leading actress in many dramas such as “The Song of Chaos” and “The Story of Hao Lan”. Most of the costume dramas are well-known and loved by people. This challenge of modern dramas and the interpretation of a special professional role such as “Bargaining Master”, Wu Jinyan said that there is indeed a certain amount of pressure.

“As an actor, it is of course very lucky to have a role remembered by the audience. After all, there are so many actors, so many film and television works and roles, and there are not many that can really come out. The pressure of this interpretation is definitely there, but I have always I believe and tell myself that there is pressure to be motivated, and you can be more cautious and respectful in dealing with acting.” Wu Jinyan, who walked out of the “comfort zone” of ancient costumes, said that he has been trying hard. Different character image and style types.

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  Stills picture.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Stills picture.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

In “My Queen of Bargaining”, the bargainer Xia Qian, played by Wu Jinyan, relies on her excellent interpersonal skills and eloquent language skills to use this as a career to “cut off” hotel wedding schedules for clients. Sheng Zhening, the owner of the Changsheng Hotel, played by Lin Gengxin, “doesn’t get acquainted with each other”, which leads to a series of stories.

For the first time working as a partner with Lin Gengxin, Wu Jinyan said that it didn’t take long for the two people to go from the embarrassment of the first acquaintance to the tacit understanding afterwards, and that they also established a good friendship outside the theater. “The first time I cooperated with Teacher Lin, he It’s very interesting and terrifying. We often burst into laughter at the scene. He is very real in private and super down-to-earth.”

What is a “bargain maker”? “At first I thought it was a presentation closer to daily life, such as going to a wholesale market or a vegetable market. I might think it was the most common bargaining mode in life,” Wu Jinyan said. In fact, “Xia Qian” in the play really regarded bargaining as a career. “She used the work of a bargainer to start her own entrepreneurial journey with her friends. She is actually a third party similar to an intermediary. Go to talk with Party A and Party B, and collect certain service fees and handling fees from them to maintain their own studio.”

Wu Jinyan pointed out that “Shuang” and “direct” are what she has in common with the characters in the play. Studio: Emotionally, her handling of the feelings of her ex is quite mature, which is more in line with women in the new era.”

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Will he also bargain outside of the show? Wu Jinyan said with a smile that he was very embarrassed in this regard, “When I grow up, I will feel a little embarrassed when facing the bargaining scene. Face, I will leave this scene as soon as possible”. Therefore, Xia Qian’s “big baht must be better”, “strong aura” and so on made Wu Jinyan feel very fresh, and especially attracted her to understand and challenge.

As a bargainer, the volume of that line is naturally indispensable. “Whether it is in life or in bargaining, there are actually many lines. The more difficult point is that if bargaining is her profession, these words will not be said like memorized lines. , And more like what you said. You have to grasp every line, including everyone who has seen cutting cars and cutting building materials. She is not aggressive and aggressive to make the other party have to give me the price, but really talks about people. Wu Jinyan said, that requires actors to understand the purpose behind the bargaining sentence. “It is very important to read the script and try to figure out the psychology.”

The drama “My Bargaining Queen” takes romantic love as the starting point, in-depth analysis and creation of the upgrading of the professional concept of the net generation, the unique character portray of the characters, and the formation of romantic love between couples. “We hope to tell young audiences through the show that as long as they find their own direction and work hard for it, they will definitely have results. Whether it is Xia Qian’s emotional setbacks or her persistent pursuit of career, I believe it will give Young people bring more encouragement in reality,” Wu Jinyan said.

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