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Wu Xin’s Love Life: A Deep Dive into Her Relationships

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Wu Xin’s Love Life: A Deep Dive into Her Relationships

Article supply: on 2024-06-06 10:28:29
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Wu Xin’s relationship is revealed, and the person is actor Zheng Kai, who’s 3 years youthful than her.

As quickly because the information broke, dozens of individuals left messages on Miaomiao’s social media, asking her what to do.

It’s simply that this Zheng Kai will not be the Zheng Kai of the Miao Miao household, this Zheng Kai is 38 years outdated, however he really hasn’t had a task within the trade for a number of years since he first appeared, so he’s unknown till now.

This oolong additionally reveals that Zheng Kai is admittedly confused.

Wu Xin, because the nation’s high host, is so a lot better than Zheng Kai when it comes to fame and fortune, that Zheng Kai was ridiculed for wanting to make use of Wu Xin to take over.

It’s not that there aren’t folks of the other intercourse round Wu Xin, particularly Du Haitao, who’s wealthy, proficient, well-known, and primarily based within the leisure trade.

So why did not he select Du Haitao, who seemed higher?

Du Haitao’s journey to pursue Xin

The relationship between Wu Xin and Du Haitao might be traced again to once they participated in Mango Channel’s “Shining New Anchor”.

Both are champions and runners-up, each trying to shine on stage.

However, the ability stage and attractiveness of newcomers is common. After coming into the stage, there will certainly be a rookie season.

Both of them stood on the stage and could not even say a number of phrases whereas acting on the Happy Family stage, they all the time felt that they’d be kicked out at any second.

After the session, lovers with the identical illness usually hug and cry.

Because the wage was slightly over 1,000, the 2 even rented a home collectively.

For Du Haitao, he was naturally crammed with pleasure when he discovered a woman who made him cry with peace of thoughts, and he could not assist however fall in love along with her.

But it’s troublesome for a woman to fall in love with somebody of the other intercourse who is nearly as proficient and engaging as she is and who all the time cries.

When these two folks lived collectively, Du Haitao was critical about his love though he had no cash, he was very thoughtful.

Wu Xin wished to eat chestnuts in the midst of the night time, so Du Haitao jumped up and purchased them, and gave them to him occupied with numerous fruits.

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After shopping for it, he nonetheless confirmed it on social media, “There is a girl who insists on consuming chestnuts, so I went out to purchase them for her at midnight. It’s like a younger couple flirting.

However, after Wu Xin ate chestnuts, her love backfired. At this time, Wu Xin is claimed to have a boyfriend.

After that, Du Haitao confessed to Wu Xin many instances in public and confessed that he beloved her.

In 2013, he even mentioned that if the field workplace of “Happy Home” exceeds 1 billion, he’ll marry Wu Xin and go dwelling.

In 2018, though he nonetheless had his actual girlfriend Shen Mengchen, he nonetheless mentioned publicly: “My happiness could be very easy. Wu Xin’s happiness is my happiness.”

Currently, Du Haitao is not a fats boy who had no cash. He has belongings price a whole lot of tens of millions, he has his personal firm, and he’s nonetheless a well-known host.

At this time, Wu Xin additionally had an actual boyfriend, however as a result of Du Haitao usually revealed his place, Wu Xin didn’t appear to refuse clearly in the long run, Wu Xin’s boyfriend left angrily.

It’s simply that Wu Xin’s opinion will not be excessive, he simply would not like Du Haitao.

An unreliable opinion

In 2016, a netizen named Aquarius revealed intimate pictures of Wu Xin, apparently making their relationship public.

Wu Xin additionally posted his publish on Weibo.

Later, Wu Xin rapidly claimed that her and her ex-boyfriend’s accounts had been hacked.

But after that, the netizen went on-line to confront Wu Xin many instances, so solely Wu Xin knew that her account was stolen or her ex-boyfriend took motion.

But at the least it appears that evidently man’s character and fertility are restricted.

In addition to this shady ex-boyfriend, the scandal between Wu Xin and Wilber Pan can be very well-known.

In 2017, Wu Xin starred in “Let’s Fall in Love” and carried out CP with Wilber Pan.

The two grew to become so shut on the present that they even had CP’s official title, Koala.

The two even kissed one another passionately, Wu Xin, who all the time informed himself, not solely felt disgusted, but in addition sweetly expressed afterwards that his coronary heart was beating quick.

Both of them would publish the breakfast on Weibo to say hey on the air.

Wu Xin additionally referred to as the opposite group “fats”.

The two even swapped avatars on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

It could be an excessive amount of of a stretch to say that these little particulars are a part of the present.

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Especially once we examine Wu Xin’s perspective in the direction of Du Haitao, we are able to see that Wu Xin loved this second, and even took the initiative.

When it was time for the 2 to make an official announcement, Wilber Pan made it official, however the bride was not him, however Internet superstar Xuanyun.

On the surface, Xuanyun cannot examine to Wu Xin anyplace, and he appears to have come out of the web superstar coaching class. But how can I put it, Wu Xin and Wilber Pan have by no means improved.

In this case, Wu Xin’s boyfriend Zheng Kai is even thought-about a lackey.

Zheng Kai was born in 1986, 3 years youthful than Wu Xin.

Zheng Kai graduated from Nortel and was solid within the hit drama “Struggle” in his second yr, taking part in the position of Lulu’s youthful brother.

But after that, there was no growth and he continued to play minor roles in different dramas.

In 2011, he and Wu Xin participated in “The Princess” on the identical time, and the 2 met.

After that, his profession improved slightly. In 2015, he participated in “Left Ear”, which starred Wu Xin.

In 2016, the 2 participated within the selection present “Goddess’ New Clothes” collectively on the scene, the 2 had a private dance.

Zheng Kai additionally praised Wu Xin, a woman who can communicate, sing, dance and is gorgeous.

In comparability, Du Haitao solely mentioned, “I really like Wu Xin, I really like him a lot.”

Zheng Kai’s reward could be very common.

I do not know once they formally began, however after so many contacts, they will need to have a good suggestion.

In 2019, the 2 have been photographed watching a drama collectively, and Zheng Kai was additionally photographed carrying dwelling garments downstairs in Wu Xin’s home.

In 2023, the IPs of those two are principally synchronized, Shandong in June, Malaysia in July, and Xinjiang in November.

In the pictures of Xinjiang, Wu Xin’s dad and mom additionally appeared on Netizens that they each met their dad and mom.

But Zheng Kai’s profession has been stagnant.

Although he has participated in massive productions like “Fire Blue Blade” and “Step by Step”, he’s not recognized within the leisure trade.

After falling in love with Wu Xin, the one time I used to be seen was associated to Wu Xin.

In 2018, Wu Xin revealed on the present that she hopes to get married on the age of 38 and have her little one on the age of 39.

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This was the time when his relationship with Wilber Pan was full. He clearly had one thing when he was in a position to inform a sure time of marriage.

I do not know what occurred in 2018, however Wu Xin confirmed his relationship with Zheng Kai in 2019.

She is so hopeful that she is going to get married and have kids that she has but to comprehend her want.

Du Haitao, who was by her aspect, lastly ended her long-distance romance with Shen Mengchen and obtained married in 2022.

Because Du Haitao had been tirelessly confessing his emotions to Wu Xin, Shen Mengchen had been unpopular for a very long time.

It appeared that Du Haitao was going to surrender on Shen Mengchen as quickly as Wu Xin retreated, however in the long run Wu Xin by no means seemed again, and Shen Mengchen discovered Du Haitao’s man.

As to whether or not they obtained what they wished or have been free, solely they know the sensation.

It is dependent upon Wu Xin’s selection of path, and there aren’t many paths The solely situation appears to be “not Du Haitao”.

Perhaps that is probably the most mysterious a part of love and destiny.

I hope they’re all comfortable.

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