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Wu Yifan is caught in scandal and loses 13 brands including Bulgari, and other 13 brands are eagerly cut | Dumeizhu | Porsche | Lancome

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[Epoch Times, July 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zheng Yifen reported from Taipei, Taiwan) The 30-year-old mainland actor Kris Wu was recently exposed to a scandal by an internet celebrity. The studio issued a statement to counterattack. However, in the face of continuous revelations that have severely damaged the image, Bulgari and other endorsement brands have urgently cut, and the media roughly estimated Wu Yifan to lose more than NT$1.5 billion.

In an interview with Netease Entertainment on July 18, 19-year-old Internet celebrity Du Mizhu broke the news that Wu Yifan used the pretext of signing artists and choosing MV heroines to trick young women into having a relationship. He was drunk when he first met Wu Yifan. , Confiscation of mobile phones, more than 8 victims, including 2 underage girls.

Wu Yifan tweeted on Weibo on the 19th to deny, “No drinking, no cellphone reception, and no “details” as she described. There were a lot of people at the gathering that day, and they would testify!” And said: “If there is such behavior, please rest assured. , I will go to prison by myself!” Afterwards, Wu Yifan’s studio accused the woman of fraud, accusing Du Meizhu even extorting 8 million yuan (about 34 million Taiwan dollars), which was eventually reduced to 3 million yuan (about 13 million Taiwan dollars).

Subsequently, another 24-year-old SNH48 respite member Zhang Dansan alleged that Wu Yifan had also touched up with her and called on the girls to protect themselves. Net beauty Wei Yuxin and others also exposed the conversation records one after another.

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Days after the news broke the image of Wu Yifan, the endorsement brands have announced the termination or no longer cooperation, including international famous brands Bulgari, Porsche, Lancome, L’Oreal Men, as well as Cloud Listening App, Tencent Video, Depot, Master Kong Ice Tea, Han Shu, Ziyuan Many Pinpi, including Liby and Libai, announced the termination of the contract. Tencent’s King Glory, Vantage, and Liangpin Shop also announced that they will not renew their contracts when their cooperation expires. The media roughly estimated that he lost at least NT$1.5 billion.

This news has even spread to foreign media pages, including “BBC”, “Guardian” and many other foreign media reported this incident. Many mainland netizens angrily claimed that “it was really embarrassing to throw away abroad”, and some Lu media said Wu Yifan was Canadian. People of Chinese descent cannot be regarded as Chinese.

Wu Yifan debuted as a member of the Korean group EXO in 2012. He has appeared in Hollywood movies “Restricted Men: Back to the Limit”, Stephen Chow directed “Journey to the West” and “Mermaid” and other movies. He is worth a lot of money. In 2017, he earned 1.5 years of income. 100 million yuan (about 680 million Taiwan dollars) ranked tenth on the Forbes China Celebrity List, and jumped to eighth in 2020.

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