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Xiamen Citizens Cultural Festival: Art Experience at Home

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Xiamen Citizens Cultural Festival: Art Experience at Home

Original Title: Xiamen Citizen Cultural Festival: Art Experience at the Doorstep

Reporter Ma Yuehua

“Every household has a Piano, Xiamen is like a song…” “Xiamen is like a song” is a song from southern Fujian composed by Taiwanese music producer Yang Mu in 2013. Since then, Yang Mu has launched the “Music Xiamen” project, hoping that music can enter thousands of households in Xiamen and make Xiamen a city full of music.

Today, Yang Mu’s ideal is gradually becoming a reality. Not long ago, at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Xiamen Citizens Cultural Festival, the mass chorus sang this popular song together. It is reported that during the Xiamen Citizens Cultural Festival in 2022, there will be a total of 129 items and 154 activities, so that there will be “events every day and highlights every week”, and a wonderful “cultural feast” will be presented to the citizens.


“I like Gezai Opera very much, and I will watch a special performance at the Xiamen Art Center in a few days; my wife loves to drink tea, and in two days I will go to a sharing session with tea friends on the theme of ‘drinking tea for health‘; my daughter is learning broadcasting, and will go to a famous theater The classical reciting party shows the demeanor of the master; my grandson likes pop music, I am going to take him to Haicang to listen to the ‘A cappella’ concert…” At the party, Zhang Qinglan, a citizen, excitedly introduced this year’s Xiamen citizens to the reporter. Cultural Festival.

It is reported that the 2022 Xiamen Citizens’ Cultural Festival aims to “art feast for citizens and carnival”, consisting of four sections: “Drama and Music Week”, “Literary Art Week”, “Southern Fujian Culture Week”, “Music and Dance Week” and “Art Calligraphy Photography Series Exhibition” The two series of “characteristic cultural tourism series activities” form a variety of activities.

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In addition, national and provincial cultural resources such as the 2nd Fujian Provincial Street Culture and Art Exhibition and the Award Ceremony for Street Culture and Art Talents, the National Excellent Lacquer Painting Exhibition of Teachers and Students in Colleges and Universities, and the special concert “Colors from China” will also be held It is held in Xiamen during the cultural festival and is open to the public with a “zero ticket price”, allowing the public to appreciate the rich and colorful cultural style and enjoy the colorful artistic experience at their doorstep.

public participation

On the evening of November 6, the famous classic reading party of “Reading for a New Era and Forging A New Journey” was held in Xiamen Song and Dance Troupe. At the party, children from the primary school affiliated to the Teacher Training School in Xiang’an District, Xiamen City brought an original work – the southern Fujian nursery rhyme “Zandouweisu” (Hokkien: the taste of hometown), praising the culture of their hometown with beautiful and childish voices.

In addition to local folk art groups such as the Xiamen No. 2 Middle School Chorus and Xiamen Little Egret Folk Dance Troupe, the famous classic reading party also invited the dubbing of Zhuge Liang from the TV series “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, Xu Tao, a national first-class actor, and national intangible material A group of experts, including the representative national inheritors of the cultural heritage Gaojia opera project, competed with the “grassroots” on the same stage. That night, they brought the audience a wonderful “sound feast” through innovative cross-border recitation, nursery rhyme rap, bilingual recitation and other forms.

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In order to create a good atmosphere for the wide participation of various social entities and the public, so that citizens are not only beneficiaries of culture, but also participants of culture, the Citizens’ Cultural Festival also has a special singing session for citizens and a square dance competition for all citizens. A stage for self-expression. At the same time, there are also highly interactive cultural activities for citizens, such as the “National People’s Hands-on Shooting” micro-video photography contest, and the selection of green herbal medicines that citizens love at the Tenth Building Gate.

Inherit new

“Every dish should be boiled in boiling water before putting it into the tea, otherwise the soup will become bitter and the fragrance of the tea will be covered.” The “Tea Fragrance Journey·Tea Banquet IP” activity named “Tea Fragrance, New Food, Health and New Journey”. At the scene, state banquet chefs from Xiamen Haiyue Villa Hotel and pastry masters from Xiamen Xiangyangfang made tea banquets and desserts on the spot. While tasting the fragrant tea, the villagers learned how to make “delicacy”.

“Many villagers, people in charge of farmhouses, and even tourists come to learn and taste.” Gao Quanwei, Secretary of the Party Branch of Junying Village and Director of the Village Committee, said that he believes that Junying Village uses tea and other local products and raw materials to make special delicacies of Junying Village. The tea banquet IP in the village will get better and better.

The Xiamen Citizen Cultural Festival also brings together the backbone of the city’s literature and art, and focuses on displaying a group of national literature and art masterpieces that take into account ideology, artistry and mass.

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Wu Jingjing, national representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage Gaojia opera project, winner of the “Plum Blossom Award” for Chinese drama, and head of Jinlian Gaojia Opera Troupe, said that inheritance is what they have been doing for more than 20 years. But in recent years, they have also adopted expressions that young people prefer. For example, in “Sister-in-law”, they boldly used Internet terms such as “blue thin shiitake mushrooms”. The biggest feature of Gaojia opera is performance. Under the premise of conforming to the role, they will also use some tense performance forms as much as possible. Only in this way can more people like Gaojia Opera. Wu Jingjing said: “There is a good phenomenon now, that is, the fans are getting younger and younger, and now many children are chasing us, wanting to watch us act.”

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