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Xiao Bingzhi’s “Project X Live Tour” is hard to get a ticket, “X” music universe dominates Kaohsiung

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Xiao Bingzhi’s “Project X Live Tour” is hard to get a ticket, “X” music universe dominates Kaohsiung

“Almighty creative talent” Xiao Bingzhi held the “Project X Live Tour Tour Concert” at the Taipei Pop Music Center at the end of last year. With rave reviews from fans, the “Project X Live Tour Tour Concert” was held at the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center on May 6. Center held. The Kaohsiung show was sold out immediately after the sale, and fans kept clamoring for tickets. After the incomplete viewing area was added to meet the needs of fans, the tickets were sold out again. The good results are obvious to all. The “Project X Live Tour” finally met with fans today. The Double X world stage and the 360-degree infinitely bright diamond light tower created a super close-up audio-visual shocking experience. Today’s concert was full of excitement for a full two and a half hours. Xiao Bingzhi led fans to launch the most explosive, passionate, joyful, affectionate and rock multivariate Xiao “X” music universe, dominating Kaohsiung.

After waiting for 148 days from Beiliu to Gaoliu, Xiao Bingzhi, who became an “X-men” agent, stood in the dazzling diamond light tower and sang “Leave No Survival” and “Wild”. In the evening, the volume directly broke through the sky above Gaoliu. Then Xiao Bingzhi sang “Long Liu Lan”, “Born to Waste”, “God of War”, “The Happy Generation” and “Poison”, setting off a wave of sensory frenzy, and the fans screamed for a long time. He shouted to the fans: “You are ready! Hey all night, I am very happy to invite everyone to the concert today, today is also the last stop in Taiwan, we will sing together without reservation until the end.” After four months, he said that he was very excited. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep, but after the rehearsal yesterday, I went to bed after ten o’clock in the evening, looking forward to meeting my fans today.

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In addition to the most rock style, Xiao Bingzhi also wrote many popular songs, leading the chorus with love songs one after another, including the golden song “I Still Love You” with hundreds of millions of hits, or the song “I Still Love You” with tens of millions of hits. “I miss you so much”, “How long I have loved you, it hurts so much”, “Ordinary People”, “Who Am I Who Am I”, and the new song “Outsider” etc., all let fans immerse themselves in Xiao In the charm of his love songs. Xiao Bingzhi has created many songs that caused chorus and high hits. He once admitted that he would check the number of hits on the Internet from time to time, but now he is indifferent to the numbers. He said: “I won’t look at the number of hits anymore. Happy”, and said that he wrote the song “I Still Love You” 10 years ago, and now he sings it on campus, and young friends will sing with him. He said: “There is such a song in a person’s life. It’s very happy to spread it!” Since the release of “Poison”, in addition to winning 14 major rankings and the MV breaking tens of millions of hits, now not only workers and drivers, but also friends from all walks of life are on Douyin. Singing this song together, “Poison” has become the latest popular divine comedy!

At the concert, Xiao Bingzhi showed his ever-changing style, and HIGH’s electronic music suite PART appeared immediately. He led 10 dancers south to Gaoliu, using “Super Hero”, “Sugar daddy”, “Feel Offender”, Songs such as “Don’t Play Cards According to Rules” and “Shooter” captured the screams of the audience. When performing “Sugar daddy”, he had to interact closely with four hotly dressed female dancers. Being shy by nature, he didn’t dare to have direct contact with the female dancers. He only dared to pose in Beiliu, but for the sake of Presenting the best performance, he decided to go all out, from a shy “Sugar daddy” to a domineering “Sugar daddy”.

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Thousands of people supported, Xiao Bingzhi’s “Project X Live Tour” sang from Beiliu to Gaoliu, and the Taiwan show ended perfectly. “Thank you”, which has left many comments in the media, made fans call it “really a fanatic”. He thanked and said: “Thank you, let me go from a mortal to a madman, to a man standing on the Little Arena, let’s go to the Little Arena at the next stop, shall we!” Looking forward to seeing Xiao Bingzhi and his fans at the Little Arena next time. For more information about Xiao Bingzhi and related activities, please follow Xiao Bingzhi and Believe Music’s official Weibo and public account.

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