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“Xie Dajiao” is gone, Zhao Benshan’s partner, apprentice and actors have accidents one after another | Yu Yuexian | Doom | Country Love

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[Epoch Times October 28, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Yi Fan comprehensive report) The investigation results of the death of a well-known Chinese actor in a car accident in Yuexian were released recently. Yu Yuexian is the lead actor in the TV series “Country Love” directed by Zhao Benshan. For more than ten years, Zhao Benshan’s partners, apprentices, and actors had accidents and deaths one after another.

On October 23, Yu Yuexian’s husband Zhang Xuesong posted a video on social platforms stating that the result of Yu Yuexian’s car accident liability determination had been released. The traffic police department ruled that the driver Guo Moulong was fully responsible and handed over to the judicial authorities for handling.

The accident occurred on a national highway in the Alxa League in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on August 9. The Alxa police previously stated that at about 3:30 in the morning that day, the SUV in Yu Yuexian collided with two camels on the road, and the two camels were killed on the spot. A total of four people in the car were wearing seat belts at the time of the incident. Yu Yuexian was sitting behind the co-pilot, but the other three were only injured. Only Yu Yuexian died, who was only 50 years old.

According to the “Beijing News” Weibo video account, the driver involved Guo Moulong was an employee of a dairy company in Ningxia. The relevant person in charge of the company said that at that time, the company partner asked Yu Yuexian to advertise, and the company was responsible for the reception. After the car accident, Guo Moulong once said to the person in charge: “I was like a ghost that day. My memory now stops at picking up teacher Yu (Yuexian).”

The person in charge also said: “At that time, one of us also said that we would go to Lanzhou for one night, but the organizer did not agree and had to pick it up at night.” “(The place where the accident occurred) was 10 minutes away from the hotel. .”

Yu Yuexian’s popularity in China is not small. In addition to starring in the “Country Love” series, he has also participated in a number of film and television dramas, such as “Water Margin”, “Green Mountains and Green Waters”, “Men’s Forty Is Getting Married”, “Journey to the West” “After Biography” and so on.

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The last Weibo of Yu Yuexian’s death was posted on August 6th, sharing her speech at the seminar of “Ideal Illuminates China“, a gift film for the centenary of the founding of the party. She played an Inner Mongolian actress, which may also be the last role she played in her lifetime.

In July of this year, the Chinese Communist Federation of Literary and Art Volunteers and the National Literary Artists Association launched an online publicity campaign on the theme of “Sing a Folk Song for the Party.” As Yuexian’s Weibo knows, she is one of the initiators of this event.

The Epoch Times columnist Yuan Bin said that he had seen reports of many celebrities suffering bad luck for the CCP platform. One hundred years after the founding of the Communist Party of China, it has brought heavy disasters to the Chinese people. “Yuexian’s car accident was unfortunate and worthy of deep consideration.”

Yu Yuexian is the cousin of the sketch actor Zhao Benshan’s second-married wife Ma Lijuan, that is, Zhao Benshan’s sister-in-law. At first, it was Ma Lijuan who recommended Yuexian to Zhao Benshan. Zhao Benshan has always praised her. Since 2006, he has given Yu Yuexian the most pleasing role in the large-scale rural TV series “Rural Love” produced by “Benshan Media”. Yu Yuexian played the pungent character “Xie Dajia” and became popular with this role.

Zhao Benshan was born in the performance of “Northeast Erren Zhuan”. At the 2001 Chinese New Year Gala, Zhao Benshan, Fan Wei, and Gao Xiumin performed a sketch “Selling Abductions” that mirrored Falun Gong and poisoned the Chinese people. As a result, Zhao Benshan was designated by Jiang Zemin’s faction as the “King of Sketches” and has been on the “Spring Festival Gala” every year since then.

Zhao Benshan performed the sequel to “Selling Crutches” in 2002, “Selling Cars,” and “Selling Stretchers” in 2005, both insinuating and slandering Falun Gong. Zhao Benshan has been doomed since then.

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On August 18, 2005, Zhao Benshan’s partner Gao Xiumin died suddenly at the age of 46. Officials said Gao Xiumin suffered a sudden myocardial infarction that caused suffocation and death. Gao Xiumin’s concubine is He Qingkui, the author of the above sketch “Selling Crutches”. Ten days before Gao Xiumin’s death, He Qingkui’s eldest son was also killed in a car accident.

Another partner of Zhao Benshan, Fan Wei, fell into a two-meter-deep ditch on the side of the road while filming in Inner Mongolia on October 8, 2006, causing a fracture of the twelve bones of the thoracic spine. Fan Wei has never been to the “Spring Festival Gala” since then.

Zhao Benshan’s six other apprentices died when they were young and middle-aged. The oldest is 55 years old and the youngest is only 26 years old.

Li Zhengchun is Zhao Benshan’s great apprentice. Before Zhao was famous, Li had already worshipped Zhao as his teacher. Zhao Benshan also respects Li very seriously. Li Zhengchun has performed in the TV series “Liu Laogen” and “Rural Love” produced by Benshan Media in the future. In August 2006, Li Zhengchun contracted “lymphoma” and died on January 29, 2007, at the age of 45.

The second apprentice Zhao Benshan sent away was Zhang Xiaoguang. Zhang Xiaoguang joined Zhao Benshan in 2003 and is Zhao’s tenth apprentice. Zhang Xiaoguang once appeared as a hotel owner in “Country Love 5”. In September 2016, Zhang Xiaoguang drove a motorcycle through a highway toll gate. In order to save 55 yuan for the high-speed toll, he accelerated the motorcycle in an attempt to rush through the border after a small car in front passed, but he did not expect that the automatic railing at the toll booth just fell and knocked him down. The railing was broken and Zhang Xiaoguang died on the spot because of his injuries. He was only 46 years old.

Ren Jiao is the most beautiful of all Zhao Benshan’s apprentices. He participated in the “Miss Intercontinental” campaign and won the runner-up, and appeared in many movies. The 26-year-old Ren Jiao died very strangely. At 2 o’clock in the morning on October 16, 2017, Ren Jiao was naked in the grass underneath a hotel in Suzhou. The police ruled out the possibility of homicide afterwards, thinking that Ren Jiao accidentally slipped and fell to his death after drinking. As for why she was naked when she stumbled, it is still a mystery.

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One month after Ren Jiao’s death, Li Damei, another female apprentice of Zhao Benshan, also died of illness at the age of 55. Li Damei, formerly known as Li Shujing, is not only Zhao Benshan’s apprentice, but also his partner for many years. In “Country Love Story”, Li Damei also played a small role. In 2017, Li Damei was seriously ill and had to be hospitalized, and died on November 17 of the same year.

On the morning of May 27, 2020, another young apprentice of Zhao Benshan, Liu Yu, died of a sudden cardiac infarction. He was only 38 years old. He once played the role of Xiaoyu, a technician in the “Country Love” series. Prior to this, Liu Yu had always been in good health and had no history of disease. His death was once unacceptable for family and friends.

Less than a year after Liu Yu passed away, on April 28 this year, Zhao Benshan’s apprentice Wang Haiyang also died of liver cancer at the age of 42. Wang Haiyang also starred in “Country Love”, in which he played a scammer. Since falling ill, Wang Haiyang hasn’t participated much in TV dramas. Before his death, he confidently stated that he would overcome the disease. Who knows, he will be gone after 20 days.

And Zhao Benshan himself was involved in a major illegal fund-raising case of “Ant Force God” in 2007. After Bo Xilai was arrested in 2012, Zhao Benshan was implicated and never went to the “Spring Festival Gala” again. Benshan Media (Hainan) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhao Benshan, was included in the list of serious illegal and untrustworthy enterprises in July 2020. In March of this year, the company was cancelled due to the expiration of its operating period. ◇

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