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Xinzhe Chang’s 2021 World Tour officially announces that Guangzhou Station will hit on October 30th_concert

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Original Title: Zhang Xinzhe’s 2021 World Tour Officially Announces that Guangzhou Station will hit on October 30

On October 30, 2021, Zhang Xinzhe will bring the “Future 2.0” world tour to the Guangdong Olympic Stadium and sing the city. The love song prince in the hearts of a generation will evoke the story of love in your memory with a familiar and moving melody and gentle and delicate voice. Tickets for the concert will be available for pre-sale on Damai.com, Maoyan, and Xiudong APP on September 16.

After nearly two years of rest, “Future 2.0”, which represents Zhang Xinzhe’s expectations for the future of music, once again set sail. Zhang Xinzhe once said that the significance of the “futuristic” tour theme lies in his infinite expectations for the future of music. This not only represents the beginning of a new work, but also a new stage in his future planning. Zhang Xinzhe’s next musical journey will also start from this “Future 2.0” world tour.

As a singer, using sound as the medium to express his thoughts and thoughts to the audience, and to convey his perception of music and vision for the future to the audience through singing is also what Zhang Xinzhe wants to express in this tour. Now that the concert has entered the intensive preparation stage, Zhang Xinzhe, who has always been of high standards for himself, has also prepared for the concert, in order to present the audience in the most perfect state on stage. Meet in Guangzhou, go to a concert about the future, witness the new beginning, and hope that the singing will accompany everyone to the future.

Classic love songs, accompanied by heart-to-heart audio-visual feast, not to be missed

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Zhang Xinzhe’s song is a common memory of youth in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The resonance conveyed by his clear and healing voice has also made him a household name as the “Prince of Love Songs”. “Faith”, “Love Is Like Tide”, “Over Fire”, “Love Is Only One Word” and other classic melodies, no matter which song it is, there will be a love story BGM left to Zhang Xinzhe in the youthful memories of audiences of all ages. The significance of these classic golden tunes to you may require you to come to Zhang Xinzhe’s “Future 2.0” site to find the answer in person.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Xinzhe not only devoted himself to preparing for the concert, but also participated in the theme concept, creative design, playlist selection and costume styling of the concert. The high-standard stage lighting makes the concept of “Future 2.0” upgrade again, and the details of stage visual effects are refined. The specially set up futuristic visual space will also bring new surprises to fans. The versatility that is about to appear in costume styling will also present a different Zhang Xinzhe to the fans who came to the scene.

The moment when Zhang Xinzhe’s “Future 2.0” World Tour kicks off in 2021, it is a new starting point for him to bid farewell to the past and embrace the future. On October 30th, this time the Guangzhou station concert will surprise the audience with unexpected music, bringing the audience an audio-visual feast accompanied by love songs. Let’s listen to the prince of love songs to reproduce the classics and go to the sincere and moving music world together!

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[2021 Zhang Xinzhe “Future 2.0” World Tour Guangzhou Station]

Performance time: 2021.10.30 19:30

Performance venue: Guangdong Olympic Sports Center Stadium

Performance ticket price: 488 yuan / 588 yuan / 688 yuan / 888 yuan / 1088/1388 yuan package 1000 (588*2)

Officially designated ticketing platforms: Damai.com, Maoyan Ticketing, Xiudong APPReturn to Sohu to see more


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