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Xue Zhiqian’s Profound After-Viewing of “Flying Life 2” Leaves Fans Impressed

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Xue Zhiqian’s Profound After-Viewing of “Flying Life 2” Leaves Fans Impressed

Singer Xue Zhiqian Praises “Flying Life 2” After Secretly Watching in Theater

This afternoon, singer Xue Zhiqian took to Weibo to reveal that he had secretly gone to the theater to watch the movie “Flying Life 2”. In a post, he shared a very profound “after-viewing” experience.

Xue Zhiqian explained that due to rushing out the master tape before the holiday, he had missed the premiere of Han Han’s “Flying Life 2”. However, after catching the film, he did not hesitate to praise it, stating “I cried when I watched it!”

The singer went on to express his emotions and said, “I cried when I saw it, and I cried because of the passion.” He further elaborated that the movie evoked memories, resonance, relief, touching, and excitement for him.

Xue Zhiqian also spoke highly of the movie, stating that “Flying Life 2” is even more enjoyable than the first installment.

According to statistics from Beacon Professional Edition, the box office of “Flying Life 2” has exceeded 1.730 billion as of February 14, making it a popular movie for the New Year in 2024. The film achieved this milestone in less than 5 days, breaking the 1.6 billion mark.

“Flying Life 2” is written and directed by Han Han and stars Shen Teng, Fan Chengcheng, Yin Zheng, Zhang Benyu, and Sun Yizhou, with special appearances by Wei Xiang and Jia Bing, and friendly appearances by Zheng Kai and Feng Shaofeng. The story revolves around driving school coach Zhang Chi and potential rookie driver Li Xiaohai as they set out to compete in the last Bayinbrook Rally with lots of laughter.

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