Home Entertainment Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, and Zhao Liying’s business on May 1 hit the styling again. This time, it’s clear who is more beautiful.

Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, and Zhao Liying’s business on May 1 hit the styling again. This time, it’s clear who is more beautiful.

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Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, and Zhao Liying’s business on May 1 hit the styling again. This time, it’s clear who is more beautiful.

Original title: Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, and Zhao Liying collided with the style again on May 1. It is clear at a glance who is more beautiful this time.

The May Day holiday is almost over, and there is still one last day. Do you want to make a good plan for tomorrow tonight? Do you stay at home and watch the drama seriously or go out to exercise? No matter which one you want to pursue, entertainment must come first!

Before going to bed, Mr. Orange will send you the latest gossip. I don’t know if you found it. Recently, because of Zhao Liying’s beauty, she has been on the hot search, or because of makeup problems, or really tooth extraction problems, Zhao Liying has really become beautiful! Surprisingly, however, during the May Day holiday, Zhao Liying and Yang Mi opened their doors for their latest activities. The most surprising thing is that this time, except for the different clothes, the two have the same shape and hairstyle. Hey, two hard-working friends, who touched porcelain this time?

Recently, Zhao Liying appeared on CCTV, oh, oh, I can’t believe it. For Zhao Liying, divorce is like cosmetic surgery. She and Feng Shaofeng, Zhao Liying, after marriage, gave birth to a child, appeared. It’s called haggard. The whole person feels very tired, then thin and looks very old. But after the divorce, Zhao Liying is not like someone who has been beaten. The key is that the whole person is refreshed, like reborn!

Do you think this cute girl is 34 years old? No sense of time at all. It feels that Ying Bao has returned to the “Flower Thousand Bone” period overnight. Soft, cute and aura, not too beautiful!

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CCTV is said to be cleansing oil. How do you feel that Yingbao still has the effect of a filter? Sweet and cute, it’s no wonder that such a beautiful Yingbao will be hotly searched!

In fact, before the May Day, Zhao Liying appeared because she endorsed a watch, and she also recorded a video at that time. Just looking at Zhao Liying’s volume, angle, or makeup in the video, her entire face is pointed. It is said that when she bumped into Zhang Xinyu, many people once began to question whether she has fine-tuned!

However, Zhao Liying’s reaction was too stiff. Zhao Liying posted on Weibo that he had his wisdom teeth removed. Even the testimony of having his wisdom teeth pulled was so lovely.He also said goodbye to haha!

After Zhao Liying, let’s talk about Yang Mi, someone once recognized Zhao Liying as Yang Mi, and an honest and frank person from Yingbao responded. I directly offended Yang Mi, the leader. Yes, it is easy to offend people with low emotional intelligence, but it is really rare to see Yang Mi and Zhao Liying in the same frame, and I don’t know if their relationship is good.

However, this is not important. During the May 1st holiday, Zhao Liying appeared on CCTV for the first time. This should be before May 2. Yang Mi exposed a group of May 1 business photos today. Unexpectedly, it hit the shape!

At the time node, it seems that Zhao Liying is in the first place, and Yang Mi is in the last place. Yang Mi appeared at an event this time. Like Zhao Liying, she has a medium hairstyle with bangs and braids on both sides of her hair. They are all beautiful girls’ hairstyles, but Yang Mi’s clothes are more fashionable and mature, and she feels more powerful!

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Moreover, Yang Mi’s makeup looks more exaggerated. Note her earrings. Such Yang Mi has a halo of 2.8 meters. However, even so, looking at her face as beautiful as Zhao Liying, Yang Mi seems to have a stronger sense of age. Yao is only one year older but it looks like he is at least three years older, if the two have the same level of beauty!

Of course, it is not ruled out that Zhao Liying is more beautiful. After all, some netizens say that some people can’t recognize Zhao Liying’s beauty, but Ju Zijun doesn’t know it anyway. I only know that Yang Mi and Zhao Liying once again brought an unexpected impact of the century!

To be honest, if we compare it together, Zhao Liying’s appearance is really slightly higher than Ha. Yang Mi has won the aura, and Yang Mi’s aura has always been strong, there is no doubt about it! In this way, the gap comes out. Ha in face value, Zhao Liying is slightly higher, and in terms of aura, Yang Mi is higher!

However, the styles of the two are a little different, one is soft and the other has its own merits!

So, who is touching the porcelain this time? This is my homework for you today! Kidding. Don’t take it seriously!Return to Sohu, see more

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