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Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of your comfort zone

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Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of your comfort zone

2021-11-27 12:56:22Source: Beijing Youth Daily

“Female Psychologist” no longer be the “sister next door” Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of my comfort zone

Through Qiu Yingying of “Ode to Joy”, Tong Nian of “Dear, Loved” and the upcoming drama “Please advice for the rest of my life”, Yang Zi has already completed the gorgeous turn from a child star to a popular “acting school”. There are very few successful precedents for this leap, so it is not easy in the industry. Now the “Female Psychologist” turned out to make people see Yang Zi’s new attempt to transition from the “sister next door” to a mature woman. In an interview with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, Yang Zi confessed that she was trying to “expand” her comfort zone. As for the actress’s unavoidable age topic, and the divergent opinions caused by her breakup with her old club Huanrui not long ago, Yang Zi sees it as a matter of course. She made it clear that she hopes to work more actively to meet the upcoming 30-year-old—— “I won’t take a break, I have to shoot more scenes.”

Will read comments carefully, especially comments

Beiqing Daily: It has been a long time since a new drama has met with the audience. Will you follow the drama with the audience this time?

Yang Zi: I follow it every day, and I also read online comments. I usually read it on Weibo. I am also playing Douyin recently. There was no Douban at first, but they always send me Douban articles. Yesterday, I did it specially. I downloaded Douban and read a lot of comments. Some people say that we are good, but more I am looking at everyone’s opinions. Why do some people think this scene is not good? I will watch it one by one, and then think about the problem. Of course, if it is black and black, it may be automatically ignored, but there are still many friends whose opinions, including analysis, are actually very good.

Beiqing Daily: As a psychological counselor, He Dun actually has psychological wounds that are difficult to heal. Qian Kaiyi is the “only sun” in this play, and he is the person who “healed” He Dun in this play. For yourself, have you ever had a very dark and difficult experience? How did you find the “sun” to heal yourself?

Yang Zi: Of course, I also encounter dark moments in my life, but they are certainly not as profound as those encountered by Hutton or the characters in the play. I adjust my mentality and help myself out, but I actually rely on myself. When you have mood swings or fall into a trough, others say it is useless. Only when you consciously reflect on yourself will you become more confident and gradually get better. I admire Houghton very much. After experiencing the shadow of her childhood, she can instead give herself a very powerful power to heal more people. This is the reason why I love her very much.

Never thought of transformation, just want to slowly expand the comfort zone

Beiqing Daily: In the past works, the audience’s basic impression of you is “the sister next door”, while the female psychologist has a clear difference. On the issue of jumping out of the comfort zone, the experience of shaping He Dun will bring you What kind of experience are you here?

Yang Zi: Before, I didn’t deliberately choose lively and cute scripts, but the scripts I like are relatively cute next door. Playing Horton is not because I want to make a transition. For me, at any age, and what kind of script I like, I went to shoot. If I see a suitable cute character in two years, I will still play it. For example, when I watched the last episode of 007 two days ago, the little Bang girl that appeared in it only appeared for just ten minutes, which was also very cool, sassy and very cute. So on the issue of transformation, I have never thought about it. Every film that I made was recognized by everyone, and it was just fine.

As for the comfort zone, every actor does have it. For example, I know my comfort zone very well. It is actually difficult to jump to another place. What I want to do at this stage is to slowly expand the comfort zone. , To see if there are more possibilities, and to test yourself and the audience.

Thanks to Huanrui, I want to do more before I turn 30

Beiqing Daily: The news of the termination of the contract with Huanrui has aroused many discussions among netizens. What kind of influence do you think the six years in Huanrui have brought to you? After the termination of the contract, you set up your own personal studio. How do you plan to develop in the future?

Yang Zi: I feel very grateful. I have witnessed my growth in the past six years. I am very grateful for the help Huanrui has given me during these six years. My plan is to shoot whatever scene I like, and if I don’t like it, I will choose not to pick it up. Since last year, I feel that I will be 30 years old soon. Suddenly I have a feeling of wanting to do more before I am 30, so now I will not take a break, create more and show different works.

Beiqing Daily: You mentioned the 30-year-old age node. Will there be age anxiety at this stage? Will 30 make you more urgency in your career?

Yang Zi: Anxiety is common to everyone. My anxiety is not a problem of old age. I am actually very excited. I will be 30 years old soon, and even 40 or 50 years old later, it feels quite exciting. Because I have always been a child, I don’t know if I will be more mature at 30 or 40. But it is true that before the age of 30, I hope to be able to shoot more works. I feel that the older I get, my body is more tired. I can’t shoot so many films in a year. In addition, there are some themes rejected by myself at the older age group. At this stage, the possibility is still greater.Text/Reporter Yang Wenjie


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