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Years are killing pigs but still lost to Gillian | Gillian | Liang Luo Shi | Yan Ba_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Years are killing pigs but still lost to Gillian | Gillian | Liang Luo Shi | Yan Ba_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Article source: Fashion COSMO WeChat public account

Original title: Years is a butcher’s knife, but still lost to Gillian

Authors: Olivia, Kelsey

As expected, Nuwa has finished her work.

Yu Wenwen praised Gillian for being “beautiful beyond touch”, which is indeed not overrated.

▲Photo source: Sina Weibo@Looking at friends above on the window sill▲Photo source: Sina [email protected] at friends above on the window sill

After all, Gillian doesn’t need to deliberately create “look at how beautiful I am” in front of the camera, it is enough to be stunning, such as the shot of blowing her hair.

▲Photo source: Sina Weibo @小周雪▲Photo source: Sina Weibo @小周雪

Are you excited?

A 360-degree face without blind spots is enough art. She can still be as beautiful as ever for twenty years, and she can directly dream back to the movie “Lotus Out of Water” starring Gillian and Huang Shengyi without makeup.

▲ Source: Sina Weibo @Entertainment Sharp Said▲ Source: Sina Weibo @Entertainment Sharp Said

Then again, after watching so many episodes of Sister Lang, Gillian’s makeup is really right in this episode.

Light makeup emphasizes the original facial features, shawls and hair are lazy and daily, and paired with a simple home light pink casual suit, the whole person reveals a kind of effortless beauty. Even sitting with so many well-maintained female stars, Gillian is definitely eye-catching.

Is the production team there? Please keep this makeup route.

If Zhang Tianai is the “face of the girl group” and Wang Xinling is the “sweet leader”, then Gillian is able to concentrate the everyday girlishness, the beauty and the faint sense of alienation on the same face.

Who hit the scene of Ah Sa lifting Gillian’s chin on stage?

Going back to 20 years ago in “Previousness” and “Hibiscus Out of Water”, Gillian’s appearance is also very lazy and casual, with almost no makeup, and the face of the card can be fully supported by the strong facial features. .

▲ Source: Sina Weibo @Movie Assembly Number▲ Source: Sina Weibo @Movie Assembly Number

The eyebrows are straight and slender, slightly raised obliquely upward, with a bit of restrained heroism and wildness; the European-style big pair is beautiful and rich, and it is the taste of wanting to talk about it;

The three-dimensional and dull nose is between the European and American box nose and the oriental water drop nose, and it is not the “standard answer” of any kind of Internet celebrity.

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No wonder Ah Sa once said that she envied Gillian’s nose and eyes.

The sexy signal of the lips is strong enough. When there is no expression, the corners of the mouth are turned down, and there is a cold feeling of refusing people thousands of miles away; when laughing, it is between a pretty murderer and an innocent girl, which is somewhat similar to “The Mermaid” Zhong Liti .

Therefore, her facial features are not composed of a bunch of sharp lines, but retain a clear and smooth sense of roundness, which is so beautiful that the still water flows deeply, with the image of “empty valley and secluded orchid”.

Cheng Lingsu in “Flying Fox in Snow Mountain” is like this.

▲Photo source: Sina Weibo @Art Qingzhai▲Photo source: Sina Weibo @Art Qingzhai

So even if some people don’t like her songs and some people don’t like her plays, they have always been picky about her face.

▲ Source: Sina Weibo@Migu Theater▲ Source: Sina [email protected] Theater

Under such hardware conditions, no makeup or makeup has only become a bonus in different aspects.

Liang Luosch

There is also Liang Luoshi who is overwhelming the crowd. She has an innate extravagance, and even ordinary and even cheap clothes look a lot more eye-catching on her. Like the most popular eldest lady in the famous family, she is arrogant but not rude, talented but not like to show off.

If you want to ask who is Liang Luoshi, I can only tell you that he was the one who went crazy with a profile in the movie “The First Incense” last year.

She has a rectangular face, and her facial lines are far less smooth than Gillian’s, but she also looks more stubborn due to the edges and corners. Especially when she was a few years ago, she looked crisp and raw, like the most dense green shade in the summer heat.

The tall and straight nose bone makes her beauty a little aggressive, heroic but not too tough, and highly recognizable; and because she is a mixed race, with three-dimensional eyebrows and eyes, Zhou Jijie’s role seems to be tailor-made for her.

No wonder the Emperor extended an olive branch to her when she was 12 years old.

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But in fact, her family of origin is not perfect. Even if her fate favors her, she still experiences ups and downs. As a result, this woman who came out from the depths of the alley has both beauty and a rational and transparent mind.

Therefore, in “Nian Nian” and “Isabella”, she searches and struggles between the world of the world and the innocent innocence. And as the audience, we can also find the heavy taste of life and a sense of belonging.

When the sense of luxury and the sense of story converge on the same person’s face, it is natural for her to be beautiful and overwhelming.

Gigi Lai

The beauty that Cecilia Cheung can admit is only Gigi Lai. In 2008, Gigi Lai announced her permanent withdrawal from the entertainment industry, but she is still a myth in the entertainment industry.

Her grandfather, Li Minwei, is known as a legendary figure in the history of Chinese film. He once made Ruan Lingyu popular with his own hands. Her grandmother, Lin Chuchu, is China‘s first-generation female star. Another grandmother, Yan Shanshan and her aunt, Li Xuan, are also famous in film history. A person with a surname.

She should have entered the showbiz logically and become a superstar under the stars. This is the perfect script.

However, the family gave her a “princess life” and erased her “princess life” in just a few years. she says:

“I think I came into this world. For love, career, and family, I seem to have a mission. I want to defend my home like a soldier.”

▲ Source: Sina Weibo @美菜肉包 Really delicious▲ Source: Sina Weibo @美菜肉包 Really delicious

Therefore, although her appearance is pure and lustful, she is somewhat similar to Wu Qianlian in “Tian Ruo You Qing”, but she can rely on her experience to make the series of Xiaojiba, Zhou Zhiruo, Zhao Min and Yuying at the same time. Except for beauty, characters who have little in common in terms of status are all well played.

▲ Source: Sina Weibo @美菜肉包 Really delicious▲ Source: Sina Weibo @美菜肉包 Really delicious

With such beauty, she at her peak, taking pictures with the beauties of that era can be said to have never lost——

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Such as this and Cecilia Cheung’s wedding photo;

Participated in the show with Zhu Yin, who was at the peak of her appearance;

▲ Source: Sina Weibo @FairVIewY▲ Source: Sina Weibo @FairVIewY

When cooperating with “New Chu Liuxiang”, it was in the same frame as Yuan Yongyi, Lin Xinru, Lin Xilei, Zhang Qian and others.

Look at Gigi Lai now, her beauty is still the same, and her temperament is undiminished.

Image source: Sina Weibo / DoubanImage source: Sina Weibo / Douban

Looking at their beauty, I just want to say: Time never defeats beauties; undefeated beauties are always self-disciplined and strong beauties.

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