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You raise me young, I raise you old

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You raise me young, I raise you old

You raise me young, I raise you old

From early morning to late night, the responsibility is constantly on the shoulders

Release date: 2022-10-14 09:27

Source of information: Municipal Public Security Bureau


N reporter Li Xuelin

“It takes a lot of practice to master the skills.” Wu Qiaohua, deputy captain of the auxiliary police station of the Tongyuan Police Station of Haiyan County Public Security Bureau, is carrying out daily training for the team members. Serious and responsible, diligent and down-to-earth, Wu Qiaohua has been in the public security team for 5 years after retiring. Wu Qiaohua has done every job well to the best of his ability. He has not only been rated as the “Auxiliary Police Star” of the Haiyan County Public Security Bureau, but also won the Haiyan War “epidemic” pioneer. Honorary title. In September this year, in the selection of the most beautiful family in the city’s police camp, Wu Qiaohua’s family won the honorary title of “filial piety and loving family”.

The night in late autumn was freezing cold, and there were few pedestrians on the road. Wu Qiaohua hurried to the rehabilitation hospital after finishing his work in the unit and rushed home less than an hour, carrying a thermal box full of food, just to deliver a steaming late-night snack to his hospitalized father.

Running between the unit and the hospital, from early morning to late at night, for Wu Qiaohua, the responsibility is always on the shoulders. The mother suffered from lupus erythematosus for 16 years, and the father was hospitalized for cerebral infarction for nearly 3 years. This is a great blow to any ordinary family, but Wu Qiaohua and his wife Lu Xiaoqun have withstood all the pressure. Accompanying my mother to check, seek medical treatment, ask for medicine, dress, wash, feed and massage my father, life is like pressing the repeat button, day after day tedious nursing, year after year running around and tired, the smell of disinfectant has never been removed from life. faded away.

“When I was young, my parents took care of me, and now it’s my turn to take care of them.” For Wu Qiaohua, the parenting kindness of her parents has always been in her heart.

Going to school, joining the army, retiring and joining the public security team to become an auxiliary police officer, more than 40 years of experience have made many details of life blurred, but Wu Qiaohua always remembers that afternoon more than 30 years ago. The always-skinny self suddenly fell ill, laying in bed with a high fever, unable to sit up. The little child didn’t know what fear was. He only saw his parents, who had always been emotionally restrained and only worked in a muffled voice, became panicked, and rushed to the village doctor in a panic. It was busy farming time, so I didn’t care about the farm work in my parents’ fields. I stayed by the bed all day and all night, feeding me water, wiping my face, washing my feet, and talking to him about interesting things that happened in the village.

Time flies, and after more than 30 years, the roles are reversed. Seeing his father lying on the hospital bed and his mother suffering from illness, he finally knew what that panic was, it was distress, and even more fear. I feel distressed that the person who is connected to his own blood has to endure all kinds of pain caused by the disease, but the fear is that there is always a possibility that the mortal body cannot resist this disease.

Fathers who are unable to eat on their own can only get food and nutrition through a nasogastric tube. Wu Qiaohua worried that his father could not taste the taste of food, which would affect his recovery mentality. In order to let the old man taste the food again, his wife Lu Xiaoqun bought fresh ingredients every day. Wu Qiaohua cooked the food, picked out the bones, and smashed the food into a paste with a wall breaker.

Wu Qiaohua fed his father spoonfuls of food while it was still hot, and added a small cup of yogurt. A smile appeared on the thin face of the old man. Wu Qiaohua saw that his father was in good spirits. After pinching his father’s legs, he guided him to play some small games with his father that were conducive to recovery. Wu Qiaohua’s hand stretched out in front of the old man’s eyes, was caught by his father and then escaped, which attracted his father to catch and escape again and again, which not only exercised his hand muscles, but also caused the old man to laugh constantly.

Xiao Youzhen, Wu Qiaohua’s mother, always had a smile on her face when she saw this happy scene. Under the careful care of her son and daughter-in-law, her disease has also been well controlled, and now she comes to the hospital to take care of her wife when she is free. Under the subtle influence of Wu Qiaohua and his wife, the children who are in high school are diligent, diligent, filial to their elders, and often take the initiative to help with household chores, which is a good helper for their parents. “My son and daughter-in-law are very filial and pay a lot, and sometimes they are too busy. After school, my grandson will bring meals and talk to us.” Xiao Youzhen, who often hears neighbors and nurses praise their children and grandchildren for their filial piety, always happily talks about life Over the better.

“I want to do my best to give them a better old age. Seeing that my mother is getting better and better and my father is recovering day by day, I think it’s worth the hard work.” For Wu Qiaohua, it is the greatest blessing in life for her parents to sit in a high hall and show their smiles.

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