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You shouldn’t have February

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You shouldn’t have  February

You shouldn’t have, gifts for February birthdays:
/// light coat
/// Ikebana workshop with Fowers by Maya
/// Campfire Bolt Candle at Yellowstone Ranch in Montana (or anything else from this genius shop)
/// A nice diaper bag, and another mattress
/// Pearls, velvet and a bow tie (reminiscent of a necklace I have from the nineties, which is still in use)
/// Last chance to buy a diary for 2024
Random quote from All stories by Clarice Lispector (Translation: Miriam Tivon), which I haven’t finished reading yet (it will take me forever), but I bought it following Yoana Gonen’s review in Haaretz’s book supplement (“Cixo told of the astonishment she felt when she first discovered the Brazilian writer, and in a famous quote she tried to describe her writing through a series of comparisons : “If Kafka had been a woman. If Rilke had been a Brazilian Jew born in Ukraine. If Rimbaud had been a mother, if he had reached the age of 50. If only Heidegger could have stopped being German… There, in the place where the most demanding works breathe, Clarice Lispector paves a path for herself. But then, at the point where the philosopher is left breathless, she continues even further, far beyond all knowledge”):
“And one more thing: tell what I’m telling you to some young man who doesn’t sleep at night and imagines new adventures of Don Quixote. Explain to him that the “after” of desire tastes like an extinguished cigarette. Ask him, in my name, to be a man and not a hero, Because nature only demands of him that he be happy and find the peace of the clearing in less painful coughs
Congratulations, February borns, the universe has already given you a gift: Tracy Chapman sings Fast Car at the Grammys. A good version of this performance has not yet appeared on YouTube, so we’ll settle for this performance by Tracy Chapman on David Letterman nine years ago:

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