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You shouldn’t have holiday edition

by admin
You shouldn’t have  holiday edition

You shouldn’t have, September edition:
/// Flowers in a vase by the Danish brand studio about. And remember that until midnight (Thursday 7/9) there is an additional 10% off the discount on the entire nuka design site with the code shelly
/// There is no such thing as too much luck. Jupiter necklace (the necklace that theydream and I designed together. It will be available in silver soon)
/// Shirt with long sleeves (we’re almost there!)
/// A book whose whole vibe is resolutions for the new year (and here is also my annual list of choices on Tolman’s Dot)
/// Enter the New Year on the right foot (in honor of the holiday, Noon has discounts: 15% on shoes, and 10% on embroidered shirts)
/// A really expensive gift: a record and a turntable

“How can I diagnose others, when I myself find it difficult to meet these various questionnaires? Personality questionnaires, surveys, columns of questions with different answers with a numerical value – all of these seemed too difficult to me (…) “Do you think that the best decision is the one that is very easy to change?” Do I think so? What decision is this? To change? When? And what does “very easy” mean? “When you enter the room, do you prefer to sit in a central place or on the sidelines?” In which room? and when? Is the room empty, or are there red velvet sofas along the walls? And the windows – what is the view from them? And regarding books: would I prefer to read a book instead of going to a party, or does that also depend on which book and which party?’

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of ״נדודים״ by Olga Tokarchuk (translation: Miriam Bornstein). A fun book to receive as a gift, and even more fun to read yourself

I prefer Grimms’ fairy tales to the newspapers’ front pages
(a line from the song Possibilities by Wislawa Szymborska)

And further to recommending records as a gift: De Nationale’s First Two Pages of Frankenstein.
It’s an album that doesn’t have a single song that I don’t like, and every few days I like a different song from it the most. Today is this:
If you’re ever sitting at the airport
And you don’t wanna leave
Don’t even know what you’re there for
Send for me

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