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You shouldn’t have June

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You shouldn’t have  June

You didn’t need, gifts for June births:
/// Female Academy T Shirt
/// Seven pearls and 18 carat gold (for a round birthday)
/// A print by Adi Ardon that she presented at the artists’ incubator in collaboration with Tollmans at the fresh color fair during which the Danish brand Piper Collective chose to add it to their collection of prints
/// Apron from American Vintage’s homewares collection (yes, they have homewares! Only at the store in Guindy)
/// Halita is her name my bubble
/// Beautiful houses by the water

“From my experience, I noticed that the universe takes care of valuable programs, and especially those that bring joy and development. It has rarely happened that I have planned a charming plan without being given the means to carry it out. You must understand thatThe what must precede the how. First choose what you want to do. The how will work itself out.’
(Through the artist / Julia Cameron. Translation: Roni Sher)

If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s
(Carl Jung)


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