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YPF evaluates an increase of 40% above inflation for its directors

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YPF evaluates an increase of 40% above inflation for its directors

In an assembly, the board of directors of the oil company YPF will discuss an increase of 40% above inflation for its members. A consulting firm indicated that they were below compared to other entities.

The increase will be addressed on April 26, where the general assembly will discuss the payment of payment of fees on account to the directors and members of the Supervisory Commission for the fiscal year 2024 in figures of up to $ 10,189,823,464.

According to the media Clarín, it is a increase in nominal terms of 388.11% compared to the $2,087,597,061 ($2,087.5 million) received “in remuneration, fees and remuneration” by the Board of Directors during the year ended December 31, 2023, and which are values ​​that its members consider “adequate and reasonable.

The national media stated that the directors of YPF are appointed and represent the interests of the shareholders, who together are the State (51%) and private shareholders (remaining 49%).

In 2023, YPF had a negative accounting result of 1,277 million dollars. Regarding the operating result, it was positive 4,058 million dollars.

Months ago, the oil company hired a consultant who told it that The remunerations paid to directors were below market.

National deputy Itaí Hagman (from Unión por la Patria) denounced that YPF directors will earn 840,000 dollars per year (US$ 72,000 per month). The company said that this figure is not precise, because it is an average of the salaries and does not take into account the differences between each of them.

Recently, the oil unions closed a parity of 287% year-on-year.

The president of the YPF Board of Directors and also CEO of the oil company is Horacio Marín, a former Tecpetrol executive. The rest, who will be made official this Friday, are Mario Eduardo Vázquez, José Guillermo Terraf, Gerardo Damián Canseco, Carlos Manuel Bastos, José Rolandi, Eduardo Alberto Ottino, Omar Gutiérrez (former governor of Neuquén), Emiliano José Mongilardi, Horacio Oscar Forchiassin, and Jimena Hebe Latorre.

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_ With information from Clarion

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