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November 14th is Yu Haoming’s 34th birthday. On this day, his movie “Heroes of the Railway” held a grand premiere in Beijing. Yu Haoming, who has been busy promoting the film for a day, said that this birthday was “tired and happy.” “, “At the time of the 34th birthday, a movie of my own was released. This is an extraordinary gift.” In an interview with the Beijing Youth Daily “Yu Jian”, Yu Haoming said with a smile, according to the previous ideal, 34 When he was six years old, he was already the “best actor”, and his ideal has not yet been realized. He still has to work hard slowly.


  Take a “Train” shot

  Admire the heroes of the year

During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the “Lunan Railway Brigade” of the First and Fifth Division of the Eighth Route Army grabbed trains, seized supplies and weapons in the Lunan area where Japanese invaders were ravaged, and created many shocking records and dealt a heavy blow to the enemy. The movie “Railway Heroes”, released on Friday in Japan on the 19th, is based on the deeds of this team and reproduces the heroic spirit through a new story and a new role.

Yu Haoming said that the reason why he joined “Heroes of the Railway” was initially attracted by this excellent crew and felt that he had the opportunity to cooperate with good directors and actors. After learning more about the core of the story, he returned to the content of the script itself. He was deeply moved by the heroic deeds of the Lunan Railway Team. “Each of them is an ordinary person. In such a big era, they don’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the country. They are doing such dangerous things. , What kind of feelings do you give back? As the creation process, these more and more attract me.”

Playing the role of a hero is what Yu Haoming has always longed for, “Who has never had a dream of a hero since childhood? As a boy, he always yearns for the image of such a bloody, bloody man.”

Yu Haoming played the role of Lin Dong in the film. He was a porter at the station on the surface, and an intelligence officer in the guerrillas secretly. In other words, this character is not a hero who confronts the enemy head-on, but needs to make himself more ordinary and have a lower sense of presence, the better, “So, I give this character a greasy, stubborn appearance, and more Cover yourself well and obscure the enemy’s sight, because the members of the railway guerrillas live under the surveillance of the Japanese all the time. How can they hide their identities in such an environment? This is the first skill.”

The story of the railway guerrillas picking up on the speeding trains freely and freely is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Naturally, there is also such a plot in the movie “Railway Heroes”. Mentioned this, Yu Haoming said with emotion: “It’s too difficult.” He revealed that the crew began to agree. They did not train them too much, because the action director thought the train shots were too dangerous and did not plan to let the actors take the shots in person. “We insisted that we wanted to experience it in person, but it turned out that the difficulty was very, very difficult. There was no Weiya and Wuxing brothers. We can’t do it on our own.”

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And with this personal experience, Yu Haoming deeply admired the heroes of the Flying Tigers back then, “They didn’t have any assistance back then and got on the fast-moving train. This is a difficult thing, they are too powerful. .”

  Affected by Zhang Hanyu’s aura

  Follow him without getting muddled

Although the story of the railway guerrillas took place in southern Shandong, Yu Haoming revealed that they were filming in Tieling, northeast. “Because the original location has changed too much, it can no longer be filmed. We restored the scene 1:1.”

In the art setting, “Railway Heroes” restored the appearance of the northern industrial town in the 1930s. In addition to renovating the entire street, it also transported more than 10 tons of train parts to fill the workshops and pave the ground with cinder. Strive to be as close as possible to the living and working environment of northerners at that time. As small as the steam train at the time, as large as the railway station platform, including the signs on the platform, there are evidences to follow. The costumes, shapes, trains, guns and other props of the characters have also been carefully studied.

The cold weather at the time of shooting was a trivial problem in Yu Haoming’s view. “We are all wearing layers of cotton-padded clothes, and each of us carries a weight of more than ten catties or twenty catties. We wear so bloatedly, but we have to show The movements are clean and tidy, which is quite difficult.”

Zhang Hanyu played the captain Hong in the film. He charged ahead and led everyone to go shopping with guns. As one of the team members, Yu Haoming played against Zhang Hanyu a lot in the film. When talking about Zhang Hanyu, Yu Haoming praised: “He really is from the inside. The outside reveals a kind of cleanness, a kind of simple, and the powerful force of male hormones. The content in our shooting scenes is relatively complicated, but Han Yu can grasp the key points at once, and show it on the scene. , Every point of intensity is very accurate. During the filming process, we will be driven by his rhythm. We will not drag or drag the rhythm. We will be affected by the aura of brother, and we will follow him. Come the rhythm.”

  Yu Haoming: I understand myself after the twists and turns

  Looking back at the first performance

  Experience a “comparative disaster”

Yu Haoming participated in Happy Boys in 2007 and won the sixth place in the country. He made his debut as a singer, but now he has become more determined as an actor. He has appeared in many works and is recognized by the audience.

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Talking about why he is obsessed with performance, Yu Haoming said that performance is like a mirror to him. “The motivation that gives me a very big motivation is the self-recognition, because there are many times when we experience different roles through performance. You can see the various aspects of life, and at the same time, these characters can reflect yourself like a mirror. You will look at me accordingly. What kind of person should I be? If in some As for the characters, I see their drawbacks, and I will be able to better allow myself to avoid these problems in the future.”

Recalling his first experience as an actor, Yu Haoming bluntly said “embarrassed”: “It should be filming “Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower”. The scene is still quite unforgettable. When I filmed the first scene, I really didn’t understand anything, just one. People stood there. At that time, it was basically a blank sheet of paper. I didn’t understand how to stand or how to act. It was very embarrassing, very rigid, and a rather catastrophic experience.”

Compared with that time, Yu Haoming laughed and said that now he is relatively “easy”, but is far from “surplus”. “I think the charm of the actor profession is that it is a profession and an endless learning experience. In my career, there may be no way for any actor to say that I have reached the peak state of an actor. As I grow older, experience gains, and understand different life experiences, his actor’s identity will also be presented differently. “

Regarding how to improve his acting skills, Yu Haoming said that in addition to accumulating acting experience, learning more and observing, there is also “a good life”: “A good life means that we must make our lives relatively colorful and do it. Some experience beyond the regulations, and then to reap more possibilities. I think the core of becoming a good actor lies in his understanding of the world, understanding of people, and understanding of society. These are all very important. Only when the elements have reached a certain level can they become a good actor and be able to give a character a kind of ability.”

The turning point of Yu Haoming’s acting career was 2017’s “The Flower Blooming in the Moon”. The villain Du Mingli he created was a great success and was nominated for the 2018 Magnolia Best Supporting Actor Award.

Yu Haoming confessed that he didn’t know how to act before this. They were all superficial performances. “It wasn’t until this “The Flower Blooming Moon Full Moon” was under the guidance of a professional instructor that I realized what a performance is and how about you. To create a character, how to dig into a character’s inner traits, how should you do your homework? How do you understand a scene, to read the script. That character completely broke me before I remodeled and re-established my understanding of performance, and I began to understand that performance was like this.”

This villain image made Yu Haoming’s acting skills affirmed, but Yu Haoming said that he had hesitated before taking on this role, that he was worried that playing the villain would be scolded. “I did my own ideological work and felt that playing the villain role is not how bad it is to play him. It’s more about acting how he became a bad guy and why he did such things in this way. Let me understand human nature in a higher dimension and think deeper. This is what allows me to go. The motivation for acting is also because of this attraction, which allowed me to overcome the so-called fear of villains.”

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  Walked a more tortuous road

  Know what you want

Yu Haoming suffered setbacks in his life in 2010. In that year, Yu Haoming, who was not yet his 23rd birthday, suffered a burn from a filming accident. After recuperating, he returned on December 31, 2012. Yu Haoming said that he felt fortunate that, “I have traveled a relatively tortuous road before, so it can make me more aware of what I want. I feel that I am in a very good state now. Let me know what can be done and what It is not necessary to do it. Relatively speaking, I have already started to do subtraction.”

The 34-year-old Yu Haoming feels that the current self is a little bit different from what he used to expect in life. “I previously assumed that I was already an actor in my thirties, but now I am still working hard.” Yu Haoming hopes for the future. Play more different types of roles and work with excellent teams. “I used to think that there are richer roles in front of me, and I want to seize them, but now my mind has changed. There are many times when I think there are only A good role is not enough. I have to find a good opponent, a good director, and a good production team to be able to give this role vitality. It is difficult to rely on my own strength, and the success of a role is not just this. The success of an actor alone is given to you by the entire team, including the director, and your collaborators on the scene.”

Yu Haoming likes “Railway Heroes”, a positive energy film that promotes the main theme, because he feels that young people and children receive patriotic influence and need to have very concrete works such as film and television works to give them the correct guidance and participate in such works. , I also remind myself of my professional ethics at all times.

Asked Yu Haoming what he thinks is a hero, Yu Haoming said: “A hero is a kind of inner passion, it doesn’t matter what he does, in fact, a small thing can become a hero, just like the’Su FU865G’ not long ago. The female car owner picks up the trash thrown by the car in front. This is a very small behavior. However, I think that a person with this mentality can be called a hero. Because this kind of person is capable of innervation when encountering anything. There is that kind of feeling to lead him, I think this is a hero, a quality in his heart.” Xiao Yang

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