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Zago and Menem on the “rat’s nest” rating: “There is no need to dramatize”

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Zago and Menem on the “rat’s nest” rating: “There is no need to dramatize”

Two of the president’s legislative representatives Javier Miley in Deputies, Martin Menem y Oscar Zagothey lowered the tone of their statements regarding Congress, which they described as “rathole”. For the president of the lower house, it was “a way of expressing himself.” Zago, one of those targeted for the return to committee of the bill “Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines”, distanced himself from the qualification of his political boss. The internal of the libertarians with Mauricio Macri.

“We have to put aside this type of analysis, as if the world falls because of a specific expression,” said the Riojan this Wednesday regarding Milei’s statements in Corrientes, where he once again faced the National Congress. Trying to lower a few decibels and with a message addressed to his peers, he said: “The President has a way of expressing himself and there is no need to dramatize”.

The libertarian’s phrase did not go unnoticed and aroused anger in both chambers. This Tuesday, the head of the Unión por la Patria bloc in Deputies, Germán Martínez, expressed that as punishment for these statements, DNU 70/2023 should be rejected, which will be discussed in the bicameral commission. From the Senate, the radical Pablo Blanco presented a project to repudiate his statements and asked that the president apologize in the Legislative Assembly on March 1. Hot weather.

Milei in Corrientes, where he described Congress as a “rat’s nest”

Zago, in radio dialogue with Futurocknor did he comply with the President’s statements and left a particular statement: “Congress is not a rat’s nest, I consider myself a ferret, who hunts rats.”

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On the other hand, he did not confirm whether Milei will open the ordinary sessions on March 1 inside the legislative palace. However, he made his position clear: “I prefer that Milei’s speech be within Congress.”

The omnibus law, its regression and the possibility of treating it in parts

“We will evaluate the opportune moment to put the Omnibus Law back on the table,” Menem said in statements to CNN radio this morning, also trying to build bridges with those who were his allies until the project was set back. He then stated that “it was absolutely improved by the PRO, radicalism and other actors.”

National Congress

Zago, leader of the libertarian bloc in Deputies, said: “Revisiting the Base Law does not seem to be feasible, but in the ordinary sessions it is likely that it will be debated by topic, in a more agile manner.” Furthermore, he asserted that “it can be unblocked through governors,” especially in the Senate. As the entire libertarian firmament did after the “Bases” law returned to committee, he once again stated that there were agreements that were not fulfilled, a speech similar to the one implemented by Milei when he accused the provincial leaders of being traitors.

Martín Menem flattered Milei and spoke of the “failure” of Cambiemos

Regarding the current situation of the Executive Branch, the man from La Rioja maintained that Milei won the elections because “people have made the decision to no longer vote for the traditional parties.” And he added: “In 70 days of management, Milei is doing an incredible job.”

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With criticism of the administration of Alberto Fernández, which he accused of “mortgaging Argentina,” he maintained that Milei “will surely meet its objectives: end inflation and make the economy grow.”

Macri returned from vacation, met with his small table and is going for the presidency of the PRO

Beyond these sayings, Menem went beyond the manual when he criticized the former national government of Cambiemos: “The Government of Mauricio Macri also failed”, he asserted. The phrase occurs in a foggy context, with crossed information about a possible merger between La Libertad Avanza and the PRO under the argument of governability.

Meanwhile, Macri is emerging as the future president of the party he created at the beginning of the century. The statement is not isolated and shows that an internal line of LLA resists the arrival of the former president, who during 2023 played hard for Milei and finally had the prize from him.


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