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Zhang Bichen’s ‘Tail Number 920’ Concert in Guangzhou Delivers Memorable Birthday Memories

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Zhang Bichen’s ‘Tail Number 920’ Concert in Guangzhou Delivers Memorable Birthday Memories

Zhang Bichen’s “Tail Number 920” Concert in Guangzhou Leaves Fans with Unforgettable Memories

Zhang Bichen, the renowned singer and singer-songwriter, held her highly anticipated “Tail Number 920” concert in Guangzhou on September 10th. After five years of preparation, Zhang Bichen presented an extraordinary concert to her fans with a surprise Pink fantasy theme after her previous “Aurora” concert. The entire event was filled with breathtaking moments, providing fans from all over the world with a truly imaginative and groundbreaking audio-visual experience.

The concert instantly became the talk of the town, with topics such as “Zhao Liying attending Zhang Bichen’s concert,” “Zhang Bichen’s magical mirror,” and “A kid as a guest at the concert” trending on various social media platforms. It was also announced that Zhang Bichen’s “Tail Number 920” concert tour has officially commenced.

The concert featured a nostalgic recital of timeless hits, energetic dance performances, and mesmerizing visuals, which further deepened the connection between Zhang Bichen and her fans. The stage was set with a giant 3D effect main visual, and as the curtains lifted, Zhang Bichen took the stage with her enchanting voice. The audience was captivated by her performance, as she poured her heart and soul into each song. The concert included a medley of 25 songs, including classics like “The Nutcracker” and “Interstellar,” as well as popular film and television OST tracks.

In addition to the golden song recital, Zhang Bichen dedicated a special stage to her devoted fans. With her guitar in hand, she performed “Red Rose” accompanied by an elegant pas de deux. Following that, she delivered several vibrant singing and dancing performances, including her hot songs “Self-Actress” and “It’s Love,” as well as the debut of her new song “Day day Up.” Fans were thrilled by her dynamic dance moves and energetic presence on stage.

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Not only was the concert a treat for the ears, but Zhang Bichen also paid great attention to visual aesthetics. The costumes, meticulously designed by Gaia Legend, blended traditional Chinese charm with contemporary aesthetics. From the black and white “Moon Shadow·Flower Poetry” skirt to the pure white suit with flying dragon embroidery, each outfit represented a unique fusion of tradition and modernity. During the concert, Zhang Bichen expressed her gratitude towards her dear friend Zhao Liying, who attended the event to show her support.

Adding to the celebration, the “Tail Number 920” concert coincided with Zhang Bichen’s birthday. Fans adorned in fluorescent pink clothing and accessories filled the venue, immersing themselves in the dopamine pink-themed atmosphere. Fans surprised Zhang Bichen with a heart-shaped pattern made of 88 pink cards and presented her with heartfelt birthday banners expressing their love and admiration for her musical journey over the past nine years.

To make the night even more special, Zhang Bichen’s singer friend Xiao Gui Wang Linkai joined her on stage. The duo recreated the classic performances of “Fingerprints” and “Graduation,” igniting the crowd with their exceptional chemistry. Zhang Bichen shared the story of their friendship and expressed her joy at having him as a guest at her concert.

As the concert drew to a close with the song “Tail Number 920,” Zhang Bichen conveyed her deep affection for her fans and distributed matching “tail number 920” manicures as a sign of appreciation. The night ended on a euphoric note with an encore performance of “Toward Midnight in the Morning,” leaving the audience filled with joy and warmth.

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After the successful concert in Guangzhou, the “Tail Number 920” tour will continue in Shanghai. Pre-sales for the upcoming concerts will begin on September 12th. Zhang Bichen’s music carnival invites all music lovers to join the pink wave and create unforgettable memories together.


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