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Zhang Guolong’s large-scale space art exhibition with more than 40 years of masterpieces integrating Chinese and Western cultures opens at the Li Zijian Art Museum- Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

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Zhang Guolong’s large-scale space art exhibition with more than 40 years of masterpieces integrating Chinese and Western cultures opens at the Li Zijian Art Museum- Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

More than 40 years of masterpieces integrating Chinese and Western

“My Heaven, My Land – Zhang Guolong’s Large-Scale Space Art Exhibition” opened at the Li Zijian Art Museum, attracting many citizens to check in

Art lovers are watching the exhibition.

The dreamlike large-scale space installation “Gaze at the Sky and Enlightenment” has attracted many citizens to check in. Not only can they take pictures outside, but they can also enter the inside of the installation to find out.Both were taken by Zou Lin, an all-media reporter from Changsha Evening News

Changsha Evening News, March 26th (all-media reporter Yin Wei, intern Hu Lang and Tang Xuanyi) On the afternoon of the 25th, “My Heaven, My Land——Zhang Guolong’s Large-Scale Space Art Exhibition” opened at the Li Zijian Art Museum. Li Zijian said that the scale of this exhibition is not only the largest in the history of the museum, but also the largest in the artist’s career, and it is also very important in the same type of exhibitions in the country.

Playing modeling magic in the same color system

On the afternoon of the 25th, the reporter arrived at the entrance of the Li Zijian Art Museum. Many citizens took a walk by the Swan Lake and took pictures, enjoying the pleasant time in the afternoon. On the formerly empty Qianping, a gigantic hourglass-shaped space installation called “Watching the Sky and Enlightening the Tao” “rises up”. From a distance, it is as high as a three-story building, and the lower part is a triangular pyramid, with colorful and exaggerated dragon, phoenix and tiger patterns painted on the three sides. There is a small door on the ground floor, and the interior decoration is full of fairy tale atmosphere, just like the scene of a festival banquet for young people, attracting many citizens to check in.

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The big guy in front of him is the work of artist Zhang Guolong. From the entrance space of the art museum to the deep space, B1 exhibition hall, the atrium of area B, the hydrophilic platform, and the “spiritual space” multi-functional hall, all are exhibition sites. The six sections, including Eagle Strikes the Sky, Phoenix Dance and Dragon, and Oriental Dragon, cover various forms such as large-scale space installations, comprehensive material works, and literature.

Stepping into the deep platform, the huge multi-colored equilateral triangles constitute a mysterious combination of polygons and faces, and the audience can feel the ever-changing attraction and appeal of the work “Bright Stars” from any angle. In the B1 exhibition hall, huge works of mixed materials display images of the Great Wall, the Yellow River, peonies, eagles, etc. It is worth pointing out that many of Zhang Guolong’s works are in the same color system, and he is very good at subtly combining a series of similar colors. Highlight the artistic image to be expressed, is a modeling magician. The original coffee shop in the atrium of Area B has now been transformed into a grotesque and unpredictable fantasy space. The contrast between yang and yin, cold and warm, and light and dark conveys the “eagles hit the sky, fish fly in the shallow bottom, all kinds of frosty sky” “Competition for Freedom” is full of vitality.

The other two giant installation works are arranged on the hydrophilic platform and the multi-functional hall of “Spiritual Space”, which are especially effective for viewing at night. The “Phoenix Dance and Dragon Teng” on the hydrophilic platform looks like a big roc spreading its wings, and the two wings are dragon patterns. When the lights first come on, under the unpredictable lights, the whole installation is dazzling and sparkling, as if flying in Changsha In the night sky. All the works that can be exhibited in the multi-functional hall of “Spiritual Space” are the works at the bottom of the box. No, “Oriental Dragon” uses various elements of shape, light, color, and sound to restore the style of an oriental dragon, especially when the dry ice rises, the dragon seems to be looming among the clouds, which is very shocking.

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Integrating traditional culture into artistic creation

Zhang Guolong is a famous contemporary artist in China and a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has studied in Germany for more than 20 years. While absorbing the expressive techniques of western classic painting art, he also integrated the nutrition of traditional Chinese calligraphy and ink painting. A unique artistic path has been explored among the accumulation. This exhibition is the largest and most important solo exhibition in his more than 40 years of artistic career, including the masterpieces over the years.

Fan Di’an, chairman of the China Artists Association and president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is the academic host of the exhibition. He believes that Zhang Guolong is particularly valuable because he has always been firm in his cultural ideals for decades. This ideal is to integrate traditional Chinese cultural and artistic thinking, concepts, and methods into his own artistic creation to form a new starting point. However, he is extremely brave and unremitting. Explore the various possibilities of artistic language, media, shape, and formal expression. “Such a large-scale exhibition of Zhang Guolong, placed in any famous museum in the world, can produce a cross-cultural charm and the power of dialogue!” Fan Di’an said.

Unlike previous exhibitions at the Li Zijian Art Museum that were free and open, this exhibition charges 20 yuan for admission. Li Zijian explained that in order to present the exhibition in the best way and bring the audience an extraordinary visual enjoyment, the art museum has arranged the exhibition with world-class standards. The length of time, the difficulty of the project, and the huge cost are unprecedented. Zhang Guolong also said that Li Zijian Art Museum has given high-level support to the exhibition, which is not so much an exhibition arrangement as a project. “I made seven plans in a row, and the art museum allowed me to install it wherever I wanted, and I fully supported it. The teams of both sides worked hard day and night. It has been raining in Changsha for the past few days, and the feet of the staff who built it outdoors were soaked. ”

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Although high-standard exhibitions brought about high expenses, Li Zijian struggled repeatedly to charge tickets to balance his finances, but he insisted on setting the low level of 20 yuan as a support for contemporary art rather than a means of profit. He said: “We want to build the art museum into an art palace where people yearn for a better life, so that generations of Changsha people can enjoy the beauty of life here. This year, the art museum will also have many important exhibitions, one after another.”

The exhibition will run until May 14. Seminars, public education and other activities will also be held during the exhibition period.

Source: Changsha Evening News

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