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Zhang Junning was blocked because of his master theory, the next fear is that the famous guide Li An | Zhao Wei | Huang Yuesui

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[Epoch Times September 06, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zheng Yifen reported from Taipei, Taiwan) The Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee has recently launched a rectification of the entertainment industry. Taiwan actress Jun-ning Zhang due to the title of his master’s thesis “Legal Issues in the Management of China’s Performing Artists’ Brokerage”, Being questioned by the CCP’s cyber army as a Taiwanese independence element, he suffered for no reason. The well-known Huang Yuesui also posted on Facebook that it seems that the highly respected director Li Ang will also be banned or wanted by the CCP.

Recently, the mainland entertainment industry has been raging. After the CCP has severely attacked the technology giants and the auxiliary education industry, it soon turned its target to the entertainment industry. Canadian Chinese star Wu Yifan was arrested. Zun announced his withdrawal from the showbiz, Zheng Shuang was charged with taxes and late fees and fined up to 299 million yuan (about NT$1.27 billion).

In particular, Zhao Wei, a leading actress on the mainland, who starred in “Returning the Pearl and Gege”, was popular on both sides of the strait. She was suddenly banned on the evening of August 26 and was listed as a “bad performer” by the Chinese Communist Party. Still a mystery, shocking all walks of life.

The CCP’s cyber army also began to conduct more stringent “position review” on artists, and pulled out Zhang Junning’s 11-year-old master’s thesis titled “Legal Issues in the Management of my country’s Performing Artists’ Brokerage” and criticized the word “my country” in it, as well as the inscriptions. The use of “July, 1999” in the date format is an act of “politically incorrect”. In addition, the Net Army posted images of Zhang Junning’s interviews on the mainland program. The content talked about the different filming environments between Taiwan and the mainland. She said: “At that moment, I felt that Taiwan could not lose!” It triggered a large number of speech attacks.

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In response to external attacks and doubts, the media called Zhang Junning’s agent, but there was no response yet. There were also mainland netizens who couldn’t stand it. They left a message in support of “After finishing the small S, and starting to engage in Zhang Junning, do these people have a brain? The whole world is an enemy. If you don’t play with you, you will be happy.” To grab and love actresses who love environmental protection.

The new work “Female Psychologist” by Zhang Junning was originally regarded as a popular drama by the outside world, but after the Taiwan independence incident broke out, the official account could not search for her dynamics, and it was reported that her movie points were required to be deleted. In addition, Zhang Junning has three movies “Eight-year-old Dad”, “The First Incense”, and “749 Bureaus”, which may also be affected.

The Directors’ Guild of America announced on August 16 that it would award Taiwanese director Ang Lee the “Lifetime Achievement Award” and praised Lee Ang for being a legendary director. The picture is a data photo. (Reporter Chen Baizhou/Photography)

Famous mouth: Li An is afraid of being blocked

Regarding the recent turmoil in the mainland performing arts circle, Huang Yuesui, a famous person, posted on Facebook on the 6th: “The deteriorating Sino-US relations, coupled with the continuous natural and man-made disasters, will not cover up China even if the war wolf diplomacy is repeatedly strengthened. We are falling into the strait of public finances and public grievances.” First of all, we used to eradicate political remnants, and started from Ma Yun and other entrepreneurs, with the aim of “false common wealth” is actually “real robbery.” Then Zhu Lian Jiu, the first to bear the brunt is the artist Zhao Wei who has a business investment relationship with Jack Ma.

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She said that in order to become famous, the CCP had to take advantage of rectifying the corrupt culture of the movie and theater circle to shoot targets randomly, so it suspended photos, checked taxes, banned performances, including trouble with Taiwanese artists, etc., and they all came out with no guilt. “It seems that the respected Li Anda The director, I fear that the CCP will also be banned or wanted for shooting “Broken Arms Mountain”.”

Huang Yuesui emphasized that the world was optimistic about the sleeping lion waking up China, but unfortunately under the leadership of the Communist Party, the people all over the country can only live in silence, “When pride is the world’s three major powers, whether it is internal affairs, Or diplomacy, when all you do is sneak and laugh at the international activities, in the long run it will ring the bell for the people to rise up to revolution and eliminate the Communist Party’s democracy and freedom. Come on, the Chinese!”



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