Home Entertainment Zhang Liang, Sun Qilin and the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra brought a cool music from Northern Europe to Siberia last night_Piano_Edward Grieg_China

Zhang Liang, Sun Qilin and the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra brought a cool music from Northern Europe to Siberia last night_Piano_Edward Grieg_China

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Zhang Liang, Sun Qilin and the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra brought a cool music from Northern Europe to Siberia last night_Piano_Edward Grieg_China

Original title: Zhang Liang, Sun Qilin and the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra brought a cool musical breeze from Northern Europe to Siberia last night

Rongcheng, which has just ushered in the summer solstice, is extremely hot, and this concert “From Northern Europe to Siberia” brings a touch of coolness. On the evening of June 24, the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra’s 2022 concert “From Northern Europe to Siberia” was played at the Chengdu City Concert Hall. Last night’s concert was held by Zhang Liang, deputy head and permanent conductor of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra. He joined hands with the Golden Bell Award winner Sun Qilin and the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra to share the orchestral “My Chinese Heart” arranged by Ding Xiaoli, Edward ·Grieg’s “Piano Concerto in A Minor”, and “Russian Music Master” Tchaikovsky’s earliest symphony that enjoys an international reputation – “Symphony No. 4 in F minor”.

The performance officially started in the melody of the orchestral “My Chinese Heart”. “My Chinese Heart” sung by Zhang Mingmin has touched the hearts of countless descendants of Yan and Huang, and aroused strong resonance among Chinese compatriots. The orchestral “My Chinese Heart” expresses love for the motherland with beautiful melody and deep emotion, and Proud to be Chinese. The following “Piano Concerto in A Minor” (Op. 16) is the only concerto in the lifetime of the Norwegian composer Edward Grieg. It not only opened a new page for the Nordic folk music school, but also made Norwegian music the first. degree in the world orchestra. This piece has all the charm of Grieg music, such as pure melody full of Norwegian folk style, as well as novel chords, light rhythm and so on. The material of the music is novel, vigorous and full of youthful vigor. And Sun Qilin’s performance is fresh and agile, just like a Nordic reindeer, beating in the forest where the ice and snow are gradually disappearing, the melody on the black and white keys plays into ray of sunshine, reflecting the blueness and majesty of northern Europe, with the performance of the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra, It presents a Nordic atmosphere where wind and rain, clouds, lakes and sunsets meet each other.

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After the intermission, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 in F minor (Op. 36) was played, which was Tchaikovsky’s first symphony to gain international fame and is also considered his symphony. The most varied and passionate piece of music. This piece of work expresses the distressed appearance of all beings, as well as the clutches of fate that threaten and coerce human beings, making the audience feel sad. The majestic “Theme of Destiny” runs through the entire symphony, revealing the conflict between those who yearn for happiness and the pressure of grim destiny. In the rhythm and grandeur of the music, the soul-stirring and intense first theme emerges in the first chapter. The finale of the four movements is played in full ensemble form, followed by the second theme showing the mighty power of the people, and finally, the music ends in an atmosphere depicting a festive joyous scene.

The conductor of this concert, Zhang Liang, is a national first-class conductor. His music is rigorous and delicate, his style is pure, and his skills are precise. He often cooperates with musicians from all over the world on the same stage. The pianist Sun Qilin is a Ph.D. in the piano department of the Juilliard School of Music in New York, USA, and a professor in the piano department of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. At the 13th Chinese Music “Golden Bell Awards” held in Chengdu last year, Sun Qilin won the first prize in the piano group. In an interview with a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News, she was also very excited when she returned to her hometown. “It’s very kind, because I met you at my base camp, and it was my first official concert after the epidemic.” Among the songs played last night, Sun Qilin’s favorite was “Piano Concerto in A Minor”. “It’s very beautiful and romantic, and it’s a song that makes people feel mixed feelings.” Indeed, Sun Qilin’s superb skills also touched the audience with romantic feelings.

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For yesterday’s cooperation with the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra, “beautiful” popped out of Sun Qilin’s mouth. “After all, it is an orchestra in my hometown. Every cooperation is very beautiful and cordial. It has always been a very pleasant cooperation experience.” Sun Qilin told the Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter that every cooperation can feel the changes of the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra. , “The changes of the orchestra, including the concert hall and rehearsal hall, are very positive things. Just like musicians, the orchestra needs time to grow and develop. So I have a very good expectation for the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra. .I believe that in the future, in building an international music capital, they must be the mainstay.”

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Ren Hongwei

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