Home Entertainment Zhang Ruoyun showed up with thin hair, gray hair, dull eyes, blue veins on his neck and hands, and he was more than ten years old_Luo Yunxi_What_Netizen

Zhang Ruoyun showed up with thin hair, gray hair, dull eyes, blue veins on his neck and hands, and he was more than ten years old_Luo Yunxi_What_Netizen

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Zhang Ruoyun showed up with thin hair, gray hair, dull eyes, blue veins on his neck and hands, and he was more than ten years old_Luo Yunxi_What_Netizen

Original title: Zhang Ruoyun appeared slender, with gray hair, gray eyes, dull neck and blue veins on his hands, more than ten years old

It seems that I have experienced the era of weight loss since I was a child. I don’t know when it started, A4 waist, Ali waist, collarbone with coins, and paper figures. These sound like symbols of pretty girls. It seems that it is already magical, and the skinny is beautiful. Someone once said that there are only one hundred good women. If it’s a three-digit girl, it doesn’t seem to be a beauty.

This is how society is. To cater to the public’s taste, the entertainment industry is even more unscrupulous. Because everyone is thinner than anyone else, there are surprisingly thin right-angled shoulders like Zhang Tianai, and paper figurines like Jin Chen!

Jin Chen, who is as obvious as ribs, wears a head and looks like a head doll. Are they really beautiful like that? Do you think everyone looks malnourished and has a feeling that even if they are thin, they will not be pulled many times, as beautiful as the wind blows them down?

What’s interesting is that this kind of deformed beauty in the entertainment industry, I don’t know when it became popular, has reached the level that needs to be managed. Actresses are very popular with people on paper. Actors of several popular TV dramas have appeared recently. There has been a rapid human-to-human transmission of weight loss. I’m thin, and I don’t have the face at the peak of my debut. Some people look thin and old, some people have exposed cheekbones, and they don’t have the healthy and handsome aura of netizens.

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Luo Yunxi lost weight for the first time. He once played the prosperous Runyu single-handedly in “Fragrant Honey as Ashes as Frost”. Looking at his face, it was like the day after tomorrow. Its perfection, both in silhouette and fullness, looks flawless.

His facial features in “Why Sheng Xiao Mo” were as handsome as Run Yu. There is a bit of flesh on his face, a lot, but at some point, he turned into a skeleton that was circulated in the outside world.

Looking back, that’s it. There are no surprises. I’m not surprised, but surprised. Has such a plump face. So handsome and healthy. It turned out like this.

As for why he chose to be so thin, in fact, Luo Yunxi’s later dramas are almost all old clothes. So, as a man in old clothes, is his thin appearance really beautiful? He can’t hold up his clothes. The aura has also dropped quite a bit!

But the male god of the popular TV series is not only Luo Yunxi, but also Jia Lun Guochao, he has also become like this!

The cheekbones are prominent, the whole face is thin, and the shoulders. Serious about this narrow, sleek shoulder? The compact body is even more eye-catching!

To be honest, how can they play the role of the domineering family of emperors again when they are so thin?

Thought it was over, take a look at the photos below. If Orange doesn’t say it, do you know who he is?

This thin, white-haired man could see the veins on his neck and the backs of his hands, even from a distance. Are the blue veins really exposed, Zhang Ruoyun? Yes, that’s him!

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When the camera zoomed in, the corners of the eyes drooped, the eyes were dark, and the blue veins on the neck and the back of the hands were more obvious. Even if he eats something in his mouth, he can feel that his facial features are sharp now!

Seeing Zhang Ruoyun like this, netizens said it was unimaginable. A voice told him to take care of his body, pay attention to rest, and don’t turn on the thin mode that hurts his body. If you look at it this way, it’s not nutritious at all. Everyone felt that they had lost their original vitality. It’s a sick seedling. Compared with him in “Celebrating More Than Years” and “The Swordsman in the Snow”, he seems to be 10 years older all of a sudden.




Being thin is not a good thing. This unhealthy way of losing weight is even more heartbreaking and suspicious. If it wasn’t for the role, Zhang Ruoyun would be really unscientific and unhealthy. Please cherish him.

Whether it’s “Celebrating More Than Years” or “Swordsman”, the second part of the two dramas has not yet started. Zhang Ruoyun, you must be in this state. By the second part, the taste will change. Wouldn’t it be a pity if everyone didn’t recognize you?


Many netizens said from Du Haitao’s example that Fatty is not a potential stock, it is possible. After you lose weight, you are obviously in your 30s, but when you lose weight, you look like 40 or 50, and you look like an old man. In that case, it is better to make a fat man with water. In this way, at least the body is healthy, and the mental state of the person will also improve.

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Zhang Ruoyun, everyone’s favorite actor, was not remembered by everyone because of his looks, but because of his acting skills. So, remember your mission and purpose. As one of the netizens said, don’t get into obsession. If you think you are handsome and thin, you will have more traffic. Actually not necessary. Your arms are already red, so there is no need to be so persistent.Please lose weight like 3360000

A competent actor does not need to focus too much on his appearance, performance and works, but the center of their attention, I hope every artist can remember his original intention!

So, what do you think of thin people like the showbiz? Needless to say, actresses, who would be as thin and thin as actors in popular TV dramas?Return to Sohu, see more

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