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Zhang Yimou talks about the Spring Festival box office pressure and hopes that “Sniper” will become a “dark horse”

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  Original title: Zhang Yimou talks about the Spring Festival box office pressure and hopes that “Sniper” will become a “dark horse”

Zhang Yimou has recently started a new job non-stop. In addition to serving as the chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the film “Sniper” co-directed by him and Zhang Mo will also be released on February 1.

On January 21, “Sniper” held an early viewing event in Beijing. Zhang Yimou and Zhang Mo shared behind-the-scenes stories with actors Chen Yongsheng, Zhang Yu, Liu Yitie, Huang Yan, Cheng Hongxin and Zhang Yi. Talking about the pressure on the box office during the Spring Festival, Zhang Yimou said that he has no higher expectations for the box office figures.

  Talk about the subject matter: Why shoot “Sniper”?

The film “Sniper” is based on a period of history in the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, telling the story of the death-and-death confrontation between the five sniper fighters and the U.S. sniper elite.

There are many film and television works on the theme of Resisting U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea. Why did you choose to cut in from the group portrait of snipers? In this regard, Zhang Yimou said that he thinks this story is still very unique, “Snipers are legendary in the war (film) genre, and I also like to watch such films, so we start with a small cut and choose It is presented in the form of a group portrait, and I hope to give you various types of feelings. I hope that when you watch this movie when the lights are on, you can know that someone is carrying the burden for you and not forgetting the martyrs.”

In his opinion, what a great war and history is made up of vivid characters. Storytelling is first of all about people, about the fate of the characters and the relationship between them. The movie also starts from this point and shows the war from subtleties. a “little corner” in the

The film is written by Chen Yu, the original author of “Sniper”. Chen Yu revealed that the director had two requirements at that time. The first film must always “catch” the audience, and it must complete the narrative content of a genre film with a strong plot. The second is “have to cry”, we must impress the audience and make the audience cry.

 Talk about father and daughter co-directing for the first time: two scenes start at the same time

“Sniper” is also the first film co-directed by Zhang Yimou and his daughter Zhang Mo. In this regard, both of them said that this was not a deliberate arrangement. Zhang Yimou explained that because nearly one-half of the scenes in this film are the US military part, and they all speak English. He is not very good at it. Zhang Mo studied film because she was invited to direct that part. During the on-site shooting, there were “two battlefields”. The sound of guns and guns heard each other, and they started at the same time, stopped at the same time, and shot in parallel all the time.

Zhang Mo also shared the experience of this filming, she said that the snowing time is very short, and the filming has to be finished within 60 days, “We discussed it, if two people go to battle together, the communication cost should be the lowest, and the efficiency is also high. The highest one, so I decided so happily, not deliberately.” She revealed that the two of them each took up a hill during the shooting, and the content of the next day’s shooting would be sorted out the day before. In order to prevent temporary adjustments, she would provide more It was a plan to guess what Zhang Yimou would do in advance. In the end, the two of them had a tacit understanding.

  Talking about the pressure at the box office during the Spring Festival: I hope to become a “dark horse”

At present, all major films in the Spring Festival archives have started pre-sale, and the competition is quite fierce. At the movie viewing site, Zhang Yimou also responded to the topic of box office pressure during the Spring Festival.

He said that the Spring Festival is a good time, and several box office records of Chinese films were produced in the Spring Festival. He has never entered the Spring Festival, and he hopes that the audience will like “Sniper”. “I don’t have higher expectations for the box office figures, I hope the more people watch the better, but seeing strong players like Lin, frankly, you don’t know if (this movie) can become what they call a dark horse, I hope that when Be a dark horse.”

He also mentioned that, in fact, no schedule is the best right now. There are so many good movies in China. China is the largest movie market. It should be said that there are schedules every month. The most important responsibility of filmmakers is to produce good works. , tell a good story. (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue)

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