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Zhang Yimou’s movie “The Red River” starts

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Zhang Yimou’s movie “The Red River” starts

Zhang Yimou’s movie “The Red River” starts

2022-06-26 18:51:54Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The film “Man Jiang Hong” directed by Zhang Yimou was officially launched today, and the concept poster was released for the first time. Once it was officially announced, it attracted the attention and expectations of many inside and outside the industry. After the stunning presentation of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Zhang Yimou once again directed a costume movie. The combination of the maximum personal aesthetics and the fusion of suspenseful elements is expected.

On the concept poster released for the first time in the film, the screen with the words “Manjianghong, Angry Red” was pierced by a bloody machete, and the three characters of “Manjianghong” in bright red also penetrated the back of the paper. The whole poster is dark and full of suspense. Behind the screen seen through the slit of the knife, it is dark, making people want to find out. Through this concept poster, the audience can fully feel the mystery and epic sense conveyed by the film, and they are also looking forward to the story of “Red River”.

The works directed by Zhang Yimou have won many awards at domestic and foreign film festivals, and the box office of “Hero” accounted for 28% of the total box office of the year, and it is still an unrepeatable miracle. It is unanimously recognized by industry insiders that “Heroes” opened the “era of Chinese commercial blockbusters”. Since then, director Zhang Yimou has continued to innovate in the genre and style of the film, and has won many praises for story expression, commerciality and aesthetic height. After enjoying the opening and closing ceremonies of the four Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, director Zhang Yimou, who shocked the audience with his “aesthetics”, will be refreshing in “The Red River”? Although the film was officially launched today, both audiences, fans, and people in the industry have given new expectations and attention to the film.

Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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