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Zhang Yixing studio speaks in the early morning | Daily Economic News

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On the evening of the 19th, fashion blogger “Xu Fengli” with over 8 million Weibo fansA revelation Weibo was released, and the said information was suspected to be directed to Zhang Yixing, sparking heated discussions among netizens.

In the early morning of the 20th, “Zhang Yixing Studio” official WeiboSpeaking in response, saying, “By ten o’clock today, you can’t hammer it out. In the second half of your life, you will write a book while losing money, telling more people why it is wrong to spread the rumors.”

Early in the morning on the 20th, Xu Fengli had apologized to Zhang Yixing, saying that he had posted an inaccurate Weibo under irrational circumstances.

Source: Daily Economic News Comprehensive “Zhang Yixing Studio” Weibo, Xu Fengli Weibo

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