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Zhang Ziyi is also “positive” A group of artists are infected with the epidemic and are on the hot search (picture) Diagnosis | Christmas | New Coronary Pneumonia | Li Yapeng | Xing Zhaolin | Jia Nailiang | Chen Xiaojun |

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Zhang Ziyi is also “positive” A group of artists are infected with the epidemic and are on the hot search (picture) Diagnosis | Christmas | New Coronary Pneumonia | Li Yapeng | Xing Zhaolin | Jia Nailiang | Chen Xiaojun |

Zhang Ziyi announced her diagnosis late on Christmas night. (Image source: Weibo)

[Look at China News, December 26, 2022](See comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Yang Tianzi) Mainland ChinaepidemicThe raging, many CCP officials, scientists, artists and other celebrities passed away on camera. According to a comprehensive search, many mainland artists are also infected with the epidemic in the last month of 2022. Famous Chinese movie starsZhang ZiyiAtChristmasShared two selfies on Weibo and said frankly, “I am also positive!”, announcing that he was diagnosedCoronavirus disease

Zhang Ziyi’s Christmas diagnosis: I’m also a “sheep” with a bitter grin!

The new crown epidemic in mainland China has recently broken out in Beijing and other places. The sequelae of the diagnosis are being discussed on Weibo. There are even rumors of unknown conditions such as blackened tongue and dry skin. The famous actress Zhang Ziyi is not immune. Showing off a selfie: “I wish everyone a speedy and healthy life.”

In the second selfie, Zhang Ziyi smiled wryly: “I am also a sheep (yang)”, announcing that she was diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.I saw Zhang Ziyi posted a picture of a smiling face with a deformed whole face and a bitter gourd grin, and posted a “sheep” on her head, which means that she was “positive” after the test

Fans left messages telling her to “take care of yourself”, and Zhang Ziyi responded: “Can’t you say don’t be yang?” She responded: “I hope you can escape.” It can be seen that this wave of Chinese epidemics cannot be stopped.

Zhang Ziyi appeared in Macau last Wednesday (21st) to attend the 15th Macau International Film Festival, and won the Best Actress and Best Director awards for the film “My Fathers and Me”.

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Many artists in mainland China are infected with the epidemic and posted hot searches on Weibo, “It’s too uncomfortable to have a high fever!”

In fact, the reporter sorted out and found that many artists in mainland China have recently been infected with the epidemic. Following mainland singer Jane Zhang’s self-revealing of “contagion” on December 16, male star Huang Zitao also revealed on December 20 that he was diagnosed with the coronavirus. He broadcast live and revealed that he was very uncomfortable, uncomfortable and even wanted to cry.In addition, the actorJia Nailiang, Chen Xiaojun, Huang AnOthers have also been diagnosed one after another, saying that the high fever does not subside, “too uncomfortable”!

Huang Zitao said that he just went out to record a stage performance, but he did not expect to be diagnosed like this. Now that he has a high fever of nearly 40°C, he couldn’t help but asked in frustration, “Can I still be okay?” Huang Zitao broadcast live for just a few minutes , lying weakly on the bed the whole time, with a very nasal voice and a very uncomfortable tone.

He revealed: “My temperature is 39.4°C, my eyes feel like they are going to collapse, it feels like my eyes are going to protrude, it’s too uncomfortable.”

Faye Wong’s ex-husbandLi YapengThe diagnosis of the new crown became a hot topic on December 15. Li Yapeng was isolated in his bedroom after his diagnosis to reduce contact with his family. Li Yapeng also made a short video, introducing himself as being taken care of.

In addition, the Chinese actor who became popular because of his performance in the Lu drama “The Eternal Love”Xing ZhaolinReported the news of his diagnosis on Weibo. On December 14, he once hit the top ten most searched on Weibo.

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On the evening of December 13, Xing Zhaolin posted on Weibo that he was diagnosed with the epidemic, and shared his experience of being diagnosed after 4 tests in a short video. He said frankly that he had repeatedly had a high fever for many days, and he called it “worse than the flu” and “I almost went crazy with fever”.

in addition,Jia NailiangA few days ago, he exploded in the live broadcast that he had a high fever for 3 consecutive days after his previous diagnosis, and his body temperature even soared to 39.5°C. The food has no smell. He reminded everyone to drink more hot water and sweat more to let the toxins out.

Actress Chen Xiaojun, who became famous with the role of “Xinxin” in “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, also disclosed the news of her diagnosis on December 20. She shared her symptoms of diagnosis and pointed out that “the body is a little painful. After taking painkillers and antipyretics, I will have a fever, a sore throat.” There will be pain and phlegm.”

Taiwanese artists Huang An and Liu Leyan, who have been developing in the mainland, have also been diagnosed successively. Huang An also posted a photo of a thermometer showing 38.9°C on Weibo, revealing, “I am also a sheep (yang). The virus is fair and everyone has a chance.” .

Netizen: “Yang” is not a fashion

A Weibo netizen commented on the news that celebrities reported their own diagnoses, pointing out that “yang” is not a fashion, so don’t be misled by celebrities.

This netizen pointed out: “Li Yapeng is popular, posting short videos to show the love between husband and wife; It’s a little bit off track as a fashion, especially not as a means of grabbing attention and attracting traffic, otherwise it will be too annoying and disgusting.”

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Some netizens expressed disapproval of Xing Zhaolin’s diagnosis on the hot searches: “Isn’t this… an ordinary event that happens every day?”, “Is it a great thing to be infected with the new crown? It seems that celebrities and ordinary people are Not the same!”, “Occupy public resources”.

However, it is only luck to be diagnosed. In fact, many celebrities in mainland China have recently passed away due to illness, including Chu Lanlan, a “famous Peking Opera actress” who was only 40 years old. Words such as “invalid” and “died of illness” were mentioned.

In addition, Zhang Houcan, the granddaughter of Zhang Zhidong, the founder of Chinese psychology and the “Four Famous Officials” in the late Qing Dynasty, passed away on the 24th at the age of 95. Zheng Rong, a well-known performing artist and consultant of the arts committee, also died of illness on the same day, at the age of 98. He had participated in dramas such as “Tea House” and “Wu Zetian”, and also played Kong Rong in the 94 version of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”.

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