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Zhao Wei was banned from the whole network for invisibility series (1): Chuan escaped to France overnight | Common Wealth | Wu Yifan | Zhang Zhehan

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[Epoch Times August 30, 2021](Epoch Times Winnie and Zhang Zhongyuan Interview Report) The CCP continues to purge the entertainment industry. After Wu Yifan was arrested on suspicion of rape and arrested on August 16, Zheng Shuang was detained a few days ago. 299 million yuan (approximately US$44.85 million) with a sky-high ticket, Zhao Wei, a well-known movie star, was blocked by the entire network starting on the 26th. It is rumored that Zhao Wei had fled to France overnight by chartering a flight.

On the evening of August 26, many film and television works starring Zhao Wei were all removed from the video platform, and their names were also removed from the “Returning Pearls and Gege” series, “Deep Love and Rain”, “Tiger Mom Cat Dad”, “Smoky Clouds in Beijing” When the cast disappeared, inputting the word “Zhao Wei” had no result. At the same time, Zhao Wei’s Weibo Chaochao, which has 210,000 followers, has also shown that it “does not exist.”

The staff of several video websites confirmed that they received a notice requesting the deletion of all Zhao Wei’s works on the site, but the specific reason is unknown.

According to Weibo netizens who “look ahead” broke the news, Zhao Wei seemed to have chartered an overnight flight to France on the evening of the 26th and arrived in Bordeaux at around 2:20 am on the 27th. The post said that her friend witnessed at the airport, “She (Zhao Wei) got on a Toyota sedan, and Toyota ran very fast in the parking lot and ran away.”

Post screenshot

“Now Zhao Wei should have joined her husband Huang Youlong in their winery in the countryside of Bordeaux, and succeeded! His husband has been hiding there for a long time.” The post said.

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According to reports, Zhao Wei owns several wineries in France, including Château Monlot (8.5 hectares) purchased in 2011, Château Patarabet (Château Patarabet) and 16 hectares of Lavie wines purchased in 2013 Château La Vue, the 57 hectares Château Senailhac purchased in 2015, and the 12 hectares Château La Croix de la Roche (Château La Croix de la Roche) purchased in 2019.

“Common Prosperity” Becomes the CCP’s Political Weathervane

It is reported that the current “common prosperity” has become the latest political vane of the Chinese Communist government, which may mark the imminent moment of the redistribution of China‘s huge wealth. Nowadays, high-income movie stars and young people blindly chase stars, have become the key targets of the Beijing government’s crackdown.

On June 15, the Cyberspace Administration of the Communist Party of China announced that it will launch a two-month special campaign to “rectify the chaos in the rice circle” across China from now on to resolutely crack down on the chaos in the celebrity fan circle. Focus on key links such as celebrity lists, hot topics, fan communities, interactive comments, etc., and comprehensively clean up all kinds of information such as “fan circle” fans insulting each other, pulling and stigmatizing, instigating confrontations, insults, slander, rumors, attacks, malicious marketing, etc. .

On August 17, the tenth meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics of the Communist Party of China focused on the issue of “common prosperity”, and proposed a series of paths and measures to promote “common prosperity”, including the establishment of basic institutional arrangements for primary distribution, redistribution, and third distribution, and will increase Large taxes and adjustment of the excessive income of high-income groups are important measures for “common prosperity” and “third distribution.”

This move by the Chinese Communist Party seems to be supported by some people. Liu De (pseudonym) in Jinan, Shandong told The Epoch Times that Zheng Shuang’s 160 million yuan paid for a high-priced film made the ordinary people feel so embarrassed. The monthly salary of 3,000 yuan (about 450 US dollars) could still get up early, and even the down payment for the house could not be paid. And the stars, with a daily salary of several million, and countless luxury houses and luxury cars. The money made by ordinary people in a lifetime is not worth a fraction of others. “

The reason for Zhao Wei’s ban is questioned

It is an indisputable fact that Zhao Wei became a rich woman after becoming famous, but the official did not disclose the reason for banning her. Li Yang (pseudonym) from Hefei, Anhui, told The Epoch Times that on the surface, Zhao Wei might have been affected by Zhang Zhehan’s pro-Japanese turmoil. The old photos of Zhao Wei wearing the Japanese military flag were also dug out, and her works were also taken off the shelves, but He believes that Zhao Wei’s ban may be related to Ma Yun.

“In the past, Zhao Wei and Ma Yun walked very close. Later, when Ma Yun was purged, Zhou Jiangyong, secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, fell off the horse. The umbrella of the Hangzhou political circle was gone.” Li Yang explained that it may be because of the Hangzhou Ant Financial case and several Hangzhou systems. The internal officials have fallen, and Zhao Wei may also be implicated.

According to a report by the Chinese Communist Party’s International Propaganda Website in Beijing, the 85-hectare Chateau de Sours winery purchased by Jack Ma in France is in the famous French wine-producing region along with Zhao Wei’s Menglong winery. Bordeaux: It is said that Jack Ma’s investment was influenced by Zhao Wei, which shows that the two have a close relationship. @

(to be continued)

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