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Zhou Dongyu Dodges Relationship Question at “Hot Search” Roadshow

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Zhou Dongyu Dodges Questions About Relationship with Liu Haoran at “Hot Search” Roadshow

On November 29, Zhou Dongyu made an appearance at the Hangzhou roadshow for his new movie “Hot Search,” where one brave audience member decided to ask the burning question on everyone’s mind: “Regarding yesterday’s hot search, are you and Liu Haoran a real couple?”

Before Zhou Dongyu could even respond, the host swiftly intervened, dismissing the question with a curt “Next.” Despite the interruption, the audience member added, “It’s a pity that there is no reply, but I already understand what everyone means.”

This recent public inquiry stems from gossip media reports on November 27, which alleged that Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran might be more than just friends. The media claimed that the two were frequently spotted together, with their dinner dates shrouded in secrecy. Additionally, it was reported that Zhou Dongyu often visited Liu Haoran’s house late at night, either departing in the early hours of the morning or being dropped off by a car after their outings.

Speculation about the pair’s romantic involvement has been circulating for some time, fueled by their numerous trips and public appearances together. However, neither Zhou Dongyu nor Liu Haoran have directly addressed the rumors.

As the public clamors for answers, the question still remains – are Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran really a couple? Only time will tell.

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