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Zhou Yutong: Everyone will be much braver if you learn the “just” mentality_Entertainment Channel_China Youth Network

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Zhou Yutong: Everyone will be much braver if you learn the “just” mentality_Entertainment Channel_China Youth Network

The TV series “It’s Just Love” hits CCTV

New Express News reporter Liang Yanfen reported that the TV series “It’s Just Love” was premiered on CCTV TV drama channel (CCTV-8) and Tencent Video yesterday. Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong staged a sober and rational “anti-routine” love. Zhou Yutong said that after filming this film, he was deeply moved, “Whether it’s love or work, if you learn a ‘just’ mentality, everyone will become a lot braver, and we won’t care about success or failure.”

“It’s All About Love” tells the beautiful love story of Song Sanchuan, a 22-year-old badminton player, and Liang Youan, a 32-year-old special assistant to the president. In the play, Song Sanchuan, played by Wu Lei, is a bench athlete without a “protagonist halo”, and his career is struggling. Wu Lei said that after reading the script, he liked the values ​​and views on love in the play very much. “I read it with an attitude of learning. I think many boys, like me, should treat love differently after reading it.” perspective.” At the same time, he believes that Song Sanchuan and Liang You’an are two-way, sober and rational love.

And Liang You’an, played by Zhou Yutong, is the special assistant to the president. She has a beautiful surface but also faces the embarrassment of changing jobs. At the same time, under her calm and rational shell, she wraps a heart that is hesitant about love. For the role, Zhou Yutong clocked in with a professional career consultant to go to work, observe characters, and experience life before starting the film. In Zhou Yutong’s view, Liang You’an is not the Sa sister style that has been popular on the screen in recent years, and the story is not set in the traditional sense of the relationship between strong women and weak men. “She is gentle but brave. She has experienced some sophistication and learned to grow into an adult. However, at this time, she encountered a very warm relationship. How should she open her arms and regain the love of her 20-year-old self?” courage.” Zhou Yutong said that everyone in this play is looking for internal causes in their hearts, learning how to reconcile with themselves, and learning to be self-consistent.

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Speaking of the sister-brother relationship between Liang Youan and Song Sanchuan, Zhou Yutong believes that this is an anti-routine love, and the two are not so-called “sweet” in a broad sense. .Being 30+, Liang Youan has been smoothed a lot, and he is used to ‘forget it’ or compromise. And this little brother Song Sanchuan, who has not been disciplined, has a strong athlete attribute, and he has a lot of hard work .Although he looks a bit stunned, he actually has quite a lot of precious spirit. When she saw him, she seemed to see herself as a teenager, and the little fire in her heart was rekindled by him. The meaning he brought to her They are all very positive and positive, not just ‘love’.”

Original title: Zhou Yutong: Everyone will be much braver if they learn the mentality of “just”

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