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Zodiac watches from “collection” to “wearing”

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Zodiac watches from “collection” to “wearing”

TAG Heuer Carrera Year of the Rabbit Chronograph: This limited edition watch features an elegant stainless steel case with a deep black ceramic fixed bezel. The image of the red rabbit on the sapphire mirror on the back of the watch indicates that this watch is customized for the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

Zodiac watches are like the “end of the year” of major watch brands in the Chinese market every year. They don’t have to please the market, and they each show their housekeeping skills. It is precisely because of this that people often feel that the form is greater than the content, and it is just a lot of fun. However, this year’s situation has changed significantly. More and more zodiac watches have a sense of ritual while taking into account practicality, which greatly increases the sense of daily life, and also gives ordinary consumers who have year-end watch purchase plans an extra choice.

Chopard LUC XP Urushi Year of the Rabbit Makie watch: Inspired by the jade rabbit in Chinese mythology, the dial presents the image of a clever and agile jade rabbit under a bright moon. The Makie dial, which incorporates gold powder and mother-of-pearl particles, is made using the centuries-old Makie technique.

Veteran players maintain stable production

Although the zodiac watch is the “regular brand” in the watch circle every year, it is fair to say that for most advanced watchmaking brands from Switzerland, it is not easy to deconstruct the concept of “zodiac”-the dragon is What kind of animal, how can a tiger appear majestic rather than dangerous… These are all cognitions rooted in Chinese culture. Among the twelve zodiac signs, the rabbit zodiac table may be relatively less difficult to express: in both Eastern and Western cultures, rabbits have long ears and short tails, and are docile and soft. The understanding of this image can be integrated with Chinese elements without a sense of conflict.

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As the “top student” of the zodiac watch every year, Vacheron Constantin still performed well this year, showing extraordinary details with the help of outstanding craftsmanship. The branch and leaf decoration patterns on the dial are first hand-carved, then half-embedded in the gold dial, and then fired with Grand Feu enamel to create a layered depth effect. And the zodiac rabbit in the center of the dial is exquisitely crafted: it stares round eyes, the hair on its body is completely visible, and some of them are even crushed and “collapsed”… as if rolling on the grass, full of wildness and fun. Dynamic.

Blancpain’s new Chinese calendar limited edition “Baotu” watch: the new watch is made of platinum and is limited to 50 pieces. Display function, a pair of lifelike rabbit patterns are also engraved on the pendulum.

There are also many brands with the tradition of “zodiac watches” who have chosen to continue this series of tones. For example, Blancpain, as always, presents the unique display functions of the Chinese calendar such as the year of the stem and branch, the calendar of yin and yang, the twelve hours, and the five elements of the zodiac. The 3638 self-winding movement equipped with it is engraved with two rabbits, one male and one female, on the gold oscillating weight, highlighting the two themes of “tenderness” and “trust”. The limited edition Altiplano ultra-thin series Zodiac watch is drawn with two white rabbits, which look cute and cute, coupled with elegant and simple tones, it has the freehand brushwork and artistic conception of Chinese painting, full of romanticism.

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PIAGET Limited Edition Altiplano Ultra-thin Series Zodiac Timepiece: Created by master enamel artist Anita Porchet with her superb artistic attainments. The two smart white rabbits on the dial are lifelike. Against the backdrop of the 38mm 18K white gold case decorated with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds, they are even more brilliant.

Emerging players are unconventional and full of surprises

It is the traditional style of many high-end watchmaking brands to choose to break through the narrow competition field of zodiac watches with extraordinary skills. Although it has a very high artistic appreciation value, its limitations are also obvious: this makes the “zodiac watch” more and more niche, and more and more stays on the collection and sense of ritual. However, the works presented by several new players who have just joined the “battle” of the zodiac table this year are impressive.

Baume & Mercier Rivera Series Baumatic Calendar Automatic Chinese New Year Special Edition: With the iconic design features of this series of sports fashion, it is decorated with symbolic details that can bring luck, good fortune and wealth in Chinese tradition. Another red integrated rubber strap worn alternately has both texture and satin texture, and is also suitable for the quick-release strap design.

Baume u0026 Mercier first launched the zodiac watch this year, and launched the Chinese New Year Special Edition of the Riviera Baumatic calendar self-winding watch: the rabbit pattern symbolizing longevity appears on the dial at the “8” o’clock position preferred by the Chinese. angle to see. The sapphire crystal on the dodecagonal bottom cover of the case is decorated with an eye-catching auspicious rabbit pattern, and the fretwork surrounding the rabbit pattern is a very typical traditional pattern with rich cultural connotations. The auspicious and festive meaning is hidden in every detail, coupled with the high cost performance of the series, this zodiac watch has been well received as soon as it comes into the market.

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IWC Portugieser Automatic Watch 40 Year of the Rabbit Special Edition: The burgundy red used in this watch is inspired by the “bright red” often used to welcome the Lunar New Year. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, you can see the IWC-made 82200 movement and the gold-plated oscillating weight in the shape of a rabbit, which can accumulate a power reserve of 60 hours.

IWC, which launched zodiac watches in the second year, this year’s work-Portuguese series automatic watch 40 Year of the Rabbit Special Edition, can be said to push the fusion of ritual and practicality to a new height. This watch uses a 40mm stainless steel case, a burgundy red dial, gold-plated hands and hour markers, showing a strong retro modern taste. The element of the zodiac is hidden on the back of the watch: the gold-plated oscillating weight of its automatic winding system presents a smart rabbit shape, which is an ingenuity that only the wearer can understand.

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