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《Dinkum》➤ Chinese version installation tutorial | Chinese patch | Chinese

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《Dinkum》➤ Chinese version installation tutorial | Chinese patch | Chinese



Hello everyone~ here isAdaLee Gaming

Although this Dinkum is very fun, butThe official version is only available in Englisheven if you understand,Game experienceIt’s still not as good as playing games directly in your native language. Fortunately, there are already many great gods on the Internet who have helped to do translations. Here, I will introduce where to find the Chinese patch and how to install it, so that everyone can enjoy watching the Chinese game.

Video introduction:

gaming strategy

where to download

There are many download sites for Dinkum Chinese patches on the Internet, but some of them are Chinese software of .EXE. Although they can be installed as long as they are installed by one click, this kind of executable file that needs to be granted permission is relatively unsafe and may be poisoned, so I am more The recommended method is to drop the file into the game position after downloading the file. Here is a recommended method calledxiaoye97The big guy, the link is below.

You can download what he made on his GithubChinese patchand it has been continuously updated, just click the first ZIP archive of the latest version to download, and this patch is also used by me.

how to install

After downloading the zip archive,Unzip it into the game directorythe directory of the game can be found on the steam interface, right-click on Dinkum, select Manage > Browse Local Files in sequence, open it and put all the contents in the zip, and then open the game and it will be all Chinese.

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Use experience

this patchSinicization coverage should be 90%There are some minor problems in the dialogue translation, such as direct translation, but it does not affect reading. At most, sometimes there will be a sentence or two in English in the dialogue, but there are no problems with items such as props, equipment, etc. The user interface is also in Chinese .


This time the Chinese patch is like this, of course, stillI hope the official can launch Chinese as soon as possibleIt seems that it is ready to be released, so you can only wait patiently. If there are errors or omissions, please leave a message below to add, and welcome to leave a message for other strategies you want to know!

Introduce here~ Thank you for seeing you here📷

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