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【SwitchBot Hub Mini Special $320】Smart Infrared Remote Control- Yespick

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【SwitchBot Hub Mini Special $320】Smart Infrared Remote Control- Yespick

If you want to play smart home smoothly, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace the old appliances, as long as you install the SwitchBot Hub Mini smart infrared remote control at a special price of $320 in the online store, you can replace the remote control, so that the old appliances can be connected to WiFi Connect to the Internet, cooperate with exclusive apps or devices with intelligent voice system, in addition to using mobile phones, you can also use voice commands to command TVs, air conditioners, and fans to operate.

The built-in WiFi module of SwitchBot Hub Mini can be connected to the Internet and intelligent learning mode. It only takes 5 seconds to imitate the existing remote control and remote control of home appliances, such as TVs, air conditioners, fans and other appliances, at the cheapest price. Instead of buying expensive smart home products, the SwitchBot Hub Mini has a dedicated App and supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri three major intelligent voice systems.

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