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1 in 4 cases can be prevented with lifestyle measures |

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1 in 4 cases can be prevented with lifestyle measures |

The breast cancer prevention could avoid 25% of diagnoses. Thousands of cases of breast cancer are preventable every year if women drank less alcohol, if they breastfed more and if they monitored their body weight.

This, in a nutshell, is the result of an international study which saw the University of Cambridge as the leader of the research centers involved. You can read the results in the scientific journal The Lancet. In detail according to the experts at least one case in ten is due to alcohol consumptionWhile one in twenty to the decision not to breastfeed or its impossibility.

Breast cancer numbers in Italy

Every year in Italy there are approximately 55,700 new cases of breast cancer and estimates claim that the number is constantly growing. There are 834,200 Italian women alive after diagnosis. The 5-year survival is 88% and exceeds 90% when the disease is detected in the early stages.

Breast cancer prevention: all risk percentages

Researchers studied the diagnoses, treatments and experiences of women affected by this cancer.

The results reveal that:

4.7% of the cases examined are related to non feeding time. Several studies have confirmed that breastfeeding your child the risk of developing this type of cancer decreases by 4% for each year of breastfeeding. According to research by Sin, the Italian Society of Neonatology, in the first days of life, 90% of Italian women begin to breastfeed their newborn. Upon discharge from hospital the percentage drops to 77%, then collapses to 31% at 4 months and only 10% continue to breastfeed beyond 6 months of life. The research team confirmed that women who drink a glass of wine a day are 9% more likely to have breast cancer, compared to teetotalers. The percentage rises to 60% for heavy drinkers. The link between breast cancer and alcohol consumption was demonstrated a dozen years ago. Between 8 and 13% of breast cancer cases it is instead due to obesity which increases the risk especially after menopause. The percentage of breast cancer attributable to hormone replacement therapy is equal to 2.1%while regarding hormonal contraception at 0.8 percent.

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The research highlights how it is impossible to predict which women will get sick, but highlights how prevention is the best way to deal with the disease.

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