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10 bad habits that make your belly bloat

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Do you see your belly? It’s not necessarily fat, it’s often just swelling. No less annoying, abdominal swelling can be accompanied by muscle tension, a sense of heaviness, water retention, alterations in the frequency of bowel movements (constipation or diarrhea), abdominal cramps, flatulence and belching.

Often, the swollen belly forms a passing disturbance caused, for example, by a meal that is too abundant or consumed voraciously, or by an increase in the consumption of some carbonated or too salty foods.

At other times, however, abdominal swelling is a symptom of physiological phenomena, such as premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

In still other cases, the swollen belly can hide psychological discomfort: stress andanxiety not infrequently they cause somatizations that involve our belly.

Also the change of season can cause this disorder. A survey commissioned by Enterolactis® at AstraRicerche revealed that as many as 70.1% of those interviewed accuse the change of season and experience it in a negative way – especially women (77%) – reporting discomfort related to the gastrointestinal area. In particular, during the change of season the 16,3% suffer more from abdominal bloating and 14.2% report digestive difficulties.

But in general, what are the most common wrong habits that cause the belly to swell, sometimes causing pain and discomfort? Find out 10 below.

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