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$100 draw MIRROR collection card to get csl. 10GB 4G local data

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There is a good MIRROR collection card. There are mirror powders that will be stored, and some will be fried. What’s the purpose of the reason, I want to share with you a piece of news. I’m scaring you, if you get a MIRROR collection card for $100, there is csl. 10GB 4G local data. Would you draw it again? For more details, see below!

Let me wear a helmet. First, forgive me for having a few headlines. Turning things around. Correctly speaking, I should buy a csl. 10GB 4G local stored-value annual card, and then I will randomly send the MIRROR collection card, but because of me In terms of the matter, the value of the MIRROR card is higher than that of the stored-value annual card. Anyway, whether it is $100 or not, the results are actually the same.

From now until January 18, 2022, as long as you purchase a csl. 365-day 5GB or 14GB stored-value card from 7-11, a csl X MIRROR collection card or AR-effect collection card will be included with the card, and you can enjoy double when you open the card. The data, namely 10GB and 28GB respectively, will be distributed randomly, and the number will be limited while stocks last. Only two can be purchased at most for each item in each transaction.

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