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13 Christmas gifts that bring well-being

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The advent of the pandemic has upset the lives and habits of people in all areas, placing the emphasis on health as never before and leading to redefining the so-called “normality”, also and above all in terms of prevention, monitoring and managing your own well-being.

From an investigation carried out by My Doctor – online booking platform for medical visits part of the Docplanner group – it emerged that post-pandemic decreases the number of Italians who undergo regular check-ups, but attention is being paid to the constant monitoring of health remotely through technology.

Suffice it to say that in 2019 it was only 1 in 10 (10%) who checked their state of well-being through a tech device and specialized apps were used by less than 1 in 10 patients (8%). Currently, however, the trend has changed drastically, thanks to a decisive acceleration of digitization also in this area: in fact, they are over two thirds (69%) of Italians who today use device tech and apps (67%) in relation to their own health routine.

Specifically, the devices most adopted to date are primarily the smartphone, used by over half of the respondents (59%), followed by pedometer (16%) e fitness watch (8%). When it comes to applications to download, Italians prefer to focus on one (30%) or at most two (17%). The downs are the ones dedicated to diet and nutrition: over 1 in 4 (28%) have one on their smartphone. These are followed by those to monitor their own blood pressure and heart values (24%) and the regularity of the menstrual cycle (20%).

No wonder, therefore, if even as regards the gifts for this Christmas, health will be one of the cornerstones that will guide the choices of many.

Not only technological gifts, however, but also kits to take care of your health in a natural way, like acupressure mats useful against headaches, stress and anxiety, dental hygiene set complete with accessories and also box to encourage a drink more – still too underestimated habit – that they propose a bottle capable of flavoring the water and making it more pleasant.

Then they cannot be missing masseurs for cervical and lumbar area – over 70% of the population suffer from back pain – and also practical leggings to perform pressotherapy comfortably at home.

Find below these and other gift ideas dedicated to health and psychophysical well-being. For a Christmas healthy and fit!

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