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2 precautionary measures for the importation of liquid cocaine disguised as natural cosmetics

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I Carabinieri of the Nas of Bologna – in collaboration with those of the NOS of Livornothe soldiers of the Provincial Command of Pisa and personnel of the Customs and Monopolies Agency of Bologna Airport – have implemented two precautionary measures (of which 1 in prison and 1 under house arrest), issued by the GIP of the Court of Bologna against 2 people (father and son), investigated in competition for the importation of cocaine from Colombia.
The investigations – coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna – were launched in September 2021 following the seizure of a package (coming from Colombia) containing cocaine in liquid form, instead declared a natural cosmetic.
In fact, the laboratory analyzes carried out on the contents of the intercepted shipment (15 bottles of 500 ml each of massage oil) revealed the presence of cocaine, with a purity gradient of 21.1%, for an estimated total weight of 1.86 kg (equivalent of approximately 12,400 average single doses).
The articulated investigative activities, carried out by the investigators of the NAS Felsineo in synergy with staff of the Customs and Monopolies Agency – Sec. G. Marconi Airport – Anti-fraud Department, made it possible to identify the 2 recipients of the significant quantity of drugs seized.
Investigations aimed at identifying further subjects involved are underway.
It is represented that the provision was issued in the preliminary investigation phase, in which, and until the final judgment, the presumption of not guilty is valid.

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