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“2023 will be a turning point”

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“2023 will be a turning point”

The municipal council of Lugo, in the last meeting, adopted the three-year program of public works for a total value of 15 million euros, which for the current year provides for 4 million euros of interventions. “2023 will be a turning point for some interventions of great importance for the city – underline the mayor Davide Ranalli and the councilor for public works Veronica Valmori – This council has set itself the goal of resolving the age-old affair of Piazza XIII June and to change the face of the city thanks to funding from the PNRR. Proposals that we are pursuing constantly, despite the situation that is anything but easy for the budgets of the Municipalities”.

The list of works planned for 2023 is substantial, with interventions from the center to the hamlets that see great attention to schools and the road system. The renovation of Piazza XIII June is financed with 800 thousand euros with the start of the works expected in late spring, the reconstruction of the road surface in the industrial area with 127,500 euros, the construction of the roundabout between via De’ Brozzi and via Bedazzo with 260 thousand EUR. For the extraordinary maintenance of many roads, in the center and in the hamlets, an additional 500,000 euros are available, divided into various parts. Almost 200,000 euros will be allocated to the last part of the extraordinary maintenance of the promiscuous cycle-pedestrian path in Viale Europa.

For schools, 130 thousand euros are available dedicated to energy efficiency for the renovation of the roof of the F. Baracca secondary school and 400 thousand euros for the adaptation of the San Bernardino school with a more substantial loan to adapt to the cost of raw materials and relying on PNRR resources for school construction. In both cases the works will be entrusted in 2023, but carried out in the summer of 2024 to allow for the smooth running of the school year.

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The list of public works scheduled for 2023 also includes the redevelopment of the former discount store in via Macello Vecchio where a gym and civic hall will be built. Finally, some work also in the “house” of the Administration with 250,000 euros foreseen for the Rocca with the consolidation of the square tower in the north-east area and 150,000 euros of interventions for the Trisi Library which also enjoys regional funding.

To all this must be added the works financed by the PNRR for urban regeneration and which started out as the construction site of Palazzo Rossi or are in competition such as the Auditorium, Pungéla bridge at Villa San Martino and the cycle path from Villa San Martino to Lugo for which it must be approved the executive project. Likewise, the executive project will be approved shortly for the new kindergarten in the Largo Corelli area. The rolling works are also continuing in the area of ​​Lugo Ovest and in Lugo Sud. All these interventions are added to the ordinary allocations for the urban green areas and the ordinary maintenance of the city streets.

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