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21 permanent hires and 63 positions on the way

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21 permanent hires and 63 positions on the way

The “G. Martino” University Hospital in Messina continues to make strides in its staff stabilization process, with the recent entry into service of 21 professionals. Among these new staff members are two units of the sector and 19 medical managers, all of whom have met the requirements for stabilization. The company management has also announced that the stabilization of three other units in the healthcare management area is expected in the coming days.

This staff stabilization is a key component of the hospital’s relaunch plan, spearheaded by new manager Giorgio Giulio Santonocito. The plan includes the recruitment of 63 new units across various roles such as doctors, nurses, health professionals, midwives, programmers, engineers, administrative assistants, and drivers in the coming months.

“I believe that the valorization of all Aou professionals is fundamental to encourage the relaunch and growth of the company I represent,” stated Santonocito. “This is why we have developed a hiring plan that aims to cover multiple areas of activity, all of which are strategic for organizational improvement.”

In addition to the hiring of new staff, the hospital has also been focusing on emergency-urgency services. Construction work on the Emergency Department has resumed, and a new temporary headquarters in Pavilion C has been opened. The hospital has announced both fixed-term and permanent selections for emergency-urgency specialist doctors to support the needs of the Emergency Department. Furthermore, the inauguration of the new cardiac intensive care unit (ICU) is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th.

The “G. Martino” University Hospital’s commitment to staff stabilization and improvements in emergency-urgency services underscore its dedication to providing the best possible care to patients in Messina and beyond.

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