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21,817 new cases and 90 deaths – breaking latest news

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21,817 new cases and 90 deaths – breaking latest news
from Lorenzo Nicolao

Data for Wednesday 31 August. 13% positivity rate with 167,495 swabs. Declining hospitalizations: -336, such as intensive care: -13

I’m 21.817
the new cases of Covid in Italy (yesterday there were 31,088, here the bulletin). It goes up like this at least 21.867.757 the number of people who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the outbreak began. THE deaths today I am 90 (yesterday 98), for a total of 171,595 victims from February 2020.

People recovered or discharged they are altogether 21.046.229 e 36.032 those that have become negative in the last 24 hours (yesterday 39,512). The positive current – the subjects who have the virus – turn out to be in everything 645.933you seem to 14.308 less compared to yesterday (-8.523 the day before).

The data when it comes to the possibility of reducing the quarantine for the asymptomatic from 7 to 5 days, while from 21 to 15 those for those who present a persistent positivity. This would be the orientation that the health authorities are evaluating in these hours, based on the trend of the contagion curve

The swabs and the scenario

I total swabs (molecular and antigenic) processed are 167.495that is to say 41.501 less than yesterday, when there were 208,996. The 13% positivity rate; yesterday it was 14.9%.

the Lombardy
to have the greatest number of newly infected (+3,137 cases). They follow Veneto (+2.848 ), Campania (+1.865) e Lazio (+1.639).

The cases region by region

The data provided below, broken down by region, concerns the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours. Here is the table with the overall data provided by the Ministry of Health.

: +3.137 cases (yesterday +4.875)
Veneto: +2.848 cases (yesterday +3.700)
Campania: +1.865 cases (yesterday +3.053)
Lazio: +1.639 cases (yesterday +2.362)
Emilia Romagna: +1.918 cases (yesterday +1.307)
Sicily: +1.476 cases (yesterday +1.957)
Puglia: +1.114 cases (yesterday +1.838)
Piedmont: +1.465 cases (yesterday +2.076)
Tuscany: +929 cases (yesterday +1.538)
Marche: +649 cases (yesterday +679)
Liguria: +525 cases (yesterday +936)
Abruzzo: +755 cases (yesterday +1.231)
Calabria: +1.031 cases (yesterday +1.951)
Friuli Venezia Giulia: +655 cases (yesterday +830)
Sardinia: +446 cases (yesterday +722)
Umbria: +361 cases (yesterday +395)
PA Bolzano: +224 cases (yesterday +330)
P. A. Trento: +325 cases (yesterday +413)
Basilicata: +236 cases (yesterday +418)
Molise: +171 cases (yesterday +110)
Valle d’Aosta: +48 cases (yesterday +67)

Here all the bulletins of 2022, here those of 2021 and here those of 2020.

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