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23 Amino Acids Found in Asteroid “Ryugu” Sand Grain Sample | Nippon.com

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23 Amino Acids Found in Asteroid “Ryugu” Sand Grain Sample | Nippon.com

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[Kyodo News, June 10th]A research team composed of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Okayama University published research results in the “Minutes of the Japanese Academy of Sciences” published on the 10th, saying that the probe “Hyabusa 2” Twenty-three amino acids thought to be the “source of life” were found in sand samples brought back from the asteroid Ryugu. These include the umami ingredient glutamic acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are essential to life. There is a theory that amino acids were brought to Earth by space-flying meteorites. Eizo Nakamura (Material Chemistry), Distinguished Professor at Okayama University, said: “Although it cannot be said to be directly related to the origin of life, it should be the basis for discussions on the origin of life.” Sand grains (about 55 mg in total), in which essential amino acids such as isoleucine and valine that cannot be synthesized in the human body are found. There are also amino acids found in meteorites on the ground, but not in this sand sample. The study also found that sand contains up to 70 elements such as hydrogen and carbon. Amino acids exist in two configurations, called “enantiomers”, which are related like the left and right hands of humans. The 23 amino acids discovered this time also contain these two configurations. Life on Earth uses almost only one of them, and future analysis may reveal why. In addition, the research team also discussed the formation process of the “Dragon Palace” based on the substances contained in the sand grains such as organic matter and minerals, and the current shape of the “Dragon Palace”. It is believed that celestial bodies containing a large amount of ice are heated by the heat generated by the decay of radioactive elements, and the water increases and reacts with the contained substances to form various compounds. After that, it collided with other celestial bodies many times, and part of the debris formed the “Dragon Palace”. (Finish)

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