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3 common habits that slow down our metabolism and make us fat

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At the base of our body constitution is the metabolism. It can be slow or fast, which is why it will affect our ability to absorb the nutrients we ingest with food. But what is metabolism? And above all, are we sure that do-it-yourself diets improve it? To answer these questions let’s see together 3 common habits that slow down our metabolism and make us gain weight.

A few words about metabolism

Without going into too much detail, let’s try to understand what metabolism is. It is the process that consumes the energy acquired with the food we eat. How do we consume it? Breathing, making the heart beat and many other “autonomous” functions, but also moving. It therefore goes without saying that the faster we burn the energy we have acquired, the faster we will absorb calories. This is the goal to achieve if we want to lose a few pounds or simply achieve the right balance.

Because eating less makes us fat

There are several factors that can affect the speed of our metabolism. For example, men generally burn calories faster than women. We may have inherited a slow metabolism or be past 40. In fact, from this age onwards the metabolism only slows down.

That said, there are some habits that certainly don’t help our metabolism keep up the right pace. One of these may seem very unexpected. In fact, if we suddenly switch to a low calorie diet, we can end up gaining weight. In fact, the body thinks it needs to store the few calories it receives to cope with a period of famine. Here then we get the paradox and any snub we allow ourselves will have even worse effects on the line. The secret is to eat as many calories a day as we consume. In particular, we must avoid This ingredient contained in many summer foods threatens our blood sugar levels.


The same principle applies to the fasting technique. To compensate for long periods of time without calories, the body will store more while burning less. On the contrary, we should always keep hunger under control with frequent and healthy snacks.

Eating too fast

Another common habit is to eat very quickly. This way, however, we don’t chew our food completely and swallow too much air. The first factor slows digestion while the second causes bloating. The metabolism then slows down to cope with fatigue. It follows that the slower we eat, the more we favor our metabolism.

Here are the 3 common habits that slow down our metabolism and make us gain weight.

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