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3 trends in aesthetic medicine to stay away from

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3 trends in aesthetic medicine to stay away from

The question of whether a scalpel or surgery is better soft is debated. “Surgery is not necessary: ​​the same effect can be obtained with absorbable threads that raise the corner of the eye, hooking it to the upper part of the periorbital arch. Another trick, the prerogative of the beautician and professional make-up artists, consists in shaving the final part of the eyebrow, replacing it with a tattoo “, he says. Nadia Fraone.

But threads aren’t for everyone. “They can have a meaning when they are inserted into a tissue rich in fat because they are able to create a traction. Remember, however, that the area next to the eye is rather low in fat cells. In these cases, for a harmonious result it is advisable to resort to a scalpel with the lifting of the eyebrow », underlines Raffaella Casilli.

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Influencer lips

French lips, Russian lips, Brats lips, Dolls lips… are the numerous ways to define the trend of extra-size lips that are popular on social media. «They are an absolute mustwith an unstoppable demand. The recommendation is to reflect on your lifestyle: if the volumetric increase is disproportionate to the harmony of the face it may have a professional motivation for one celebrityfor an ordinary person, who carries out an activity away from the spotlight, it may not be an adequate choice, ”he says Nadia Fraone.

In short, for those who are not a star or an influencer, they can resort tooverlined lipsthe technique so loved by JLo that enlarges the smile, to be achieved by drawing a line that comes out from the edge of the labial mucosa before applying the lipstick and gloss for a crystalline shine.

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