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“37.2 million euros for the new Acquapendente hospital”

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“37.2 million euros for the new Acquapendente hospital”

Health – The announcement of the regional councilor D’Amato – The funds are part of the ten-year plan for investments in healthcare construction

Daniela Donetti and Alessio D'Amato

Daniela Donetti and Alessio D’Amato

Acquapendente – We receive and publish – The new Acquapendente hospital, which will also be a community hospital, will be built thanks to the investment of 37.2 million euros that have been allocated in the resolution of the Ten-Year Plan, regarding investments in healthcare construction pursuant to Art 20 (Third phase), approved during today’s session of the regional council, and which envisages a total amount of 97,845,976 euros in the Lazio region.

Thanks to the allocated funds, a new hospital structure will therefore be built, on land made available by the municipality of Acquapendente with direct access to the Strada Cassia, near the municipal site, extended over a useful area of ​​just under 8 thousand square meters, equipped with a large parking area and equipped greenery.

The complex was designed according to modern hospital structural standards, favoring a horizontal distribution for greater usability of the spaces by users and for services.

The functional distribution of the hospital area, for a usable area of ​​5 thousand and 200 square meters, involves the construction of a technological plate and common and social areas, as well as new spaces for the emergency room, the pharmacy and the analysis laboratory. to general medicine, to surgery – day surgery, to two operating theaters, to radiology and to Morgue.

The functional distribution of territorial services involves the construction of a public area (Cup, Adi, Pua, information desk), an area for primary assistance and sampling center, a multi-specialist area, a consultancy area, the area of ​​veterinary services, the area of ​​mental health services, pathological addictions, child neuropsychiatry and the disabled adult.

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In addition, spaces dedicated to the community hospital, with its 40 hospital beds, and to the territorial operations center (Cot) are planned.

“Only last August 30 – comments the general manager of the ASL of Viterbo, Daniela Donetti – with the councilor D’Amato we were in Acquapendente to view the area that, together with the municipal administration, we had identified for the construction of the new hospital . On that occasion we also presented the new territorial health plan of the ASL of Viterbo, of which the Acquesian structure is an integral part, designing, together with the Lazio Region, a new territorial health system in Tuscia, even post-pandemic. A system in which the concept of proactivity and proximity of interventions becomes concrete. The purpose of that document, which finds strong recognition in today’s regional allocation, is to propose a new approach that allows the delivery of the right services, at the appropriate time, with the involvement of professionals who have the appropriate skills, in a tailor-made path. of the person, protected in the passage from one treatment setting to another“.

“The overall regional plan includes interventions that will change the face of our facilities and hospitals, improving the service and quality of care. In particular, in Acquapendente we have laid the foundations to adequately respond to the health needs expressed in a large area in which, only a few years, the closure of the reference hospital structure was seen as an increasingly concrete prospect. In addition to the one on Acquapendente, among the most significant interventions in the city of Rome the expansion and strengthening of the emergency room of the San Camillo hospital, the Proton therapy center at the Ifo – Regina Elena and the public RSA at San Michele (Asl Rome 2) and the new Radiotherapy department in Civitavecchia ”concluded Alessio D’Amato.

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The planned interventions are of a construction and plant engineering nature and the purchase of new equipment and technologies is foreseen. Specifically, in the Rome 2 Asl (allocation of € 9.4 million) for the construction of an RSA at the Istituto Romano San Michele.

At the San Giovanni Addolorata hospital (allocation of 11.8 million euros) for a new nuclear medicine diagnostic service. At the San Camillo hospital in Rome (allocation of 3.2 million euros) for the extension of the emergency room in the Piastra pavilion. In the provinces of ASL Roma 4 in Civitavecchia (allocation of € 8.4 million) for the radiotherapy of the San Paolo hospital.

In the ASL of Viterbo (allocation of € 37.2 million) for the construction of the new hospital in Acquapendente. The Plan also approved approximately 30 million euros for the purchase of new technologies: 24.5 million euros for the Proton Therapy Center at the Ifo – Regina Elena in Rome and 3.1 million euros for the new Pet at the Antonini pavilion of the San Camillo hospital in Rome.

Local health authority of Viterbo

June 21, 2022

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