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3rd session of the pharmaceutical dialogue

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On October 8, 2015, the 3rd dialogue session of the German government’s pharmaceutical dialogue will take place. The 3rd dialogue session will focus on topics such as ensuring the production of supply-critical active ingredients, future trends in the pharmaceutical and drug sector, the employment situation and the recruitment of skilled workers, as well as the consequences of digitization and support for the growth of young innovative companies.

Together with representatives from science, the pharmaceutical industry and trade unions, discussions will be held on how supply bottlenecks for critical active ingredients can be avoided. Delivery bottlenecks do not necessarily mean supply bottlenecks. In some cases, however, there have already been limitations in care, for example in the field of oncology, but also in the case of antibiotics. Everyone agrees that these cases were problematic. Possible causes must therefore be identified and proposed solutions worked out together.

In addition, the participants addressed the situation of skilled workers. According to Destatis, the number of people employed in the pharmaceutical industry has risen almost continuously from around 93,000 in 2000 to over 140,000 in 2013. This means that the pharmaceutical industry is currently in a good position. However, this industry will also have to adapt to an aging workforce and will have to increasingly ensure age-appropriate and healthy employment conditions.

Another topic of the 3rd dialogue session is the increasing digitization of the industry and the associated challenges. It leads to lasting changes in healthcare, also for pharmaceutical companies. The aim is to make the potential of these technologies usable for the development of Germany in the pharmaceutical sector and to develop the opportunity for better medical care.

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The aim of the pharmaceutical dialogue is to strengthen Germany as a pharmaceutical location in the areas of research, development and production in order to continue to ensure a nationwide, high-quality and safe supply of pharmaceuticals in Germany.

Representatives of the Federal Government, the pharmaceutical associations, science and the trade union take part in the Pharma Dialogue. The pharmaceutical dialogue is designed as an open-ended process in which various key topics are discussed in several meetings, which will be published in a summary of the results in spring 2016.

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