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4 children died in the last month. “Unusually high data”

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4 children died in the last month.  “Unusually high data”

Four children have died in the last month United Kingdom after contracting it group A strep. These are “unusually high” data, report the British doctors, which coincide with the return to school of children in September. Therefore, it is feared that a real epidemic of the bacterium may be underway which, among the various symptoms, also causes scarlet fever.

But what’s going on? One of the most accredited hypotheses also concerns Covid: according to experts quoted by the English press, the lockdown and masks may have weakened children’s defenses against strep, as they are less used to dealing with this type of bacteria. This would explain the increase in cases and lethality.

Streptococcus, scarlet fever among the symptoms of the infection

The symptoms of strep infection are usually mild: they include high fever, body aches, vomiting and sore throat, as well as scarlet fever. However, the trend observed in Great Britain suggests that severe forms are on the rise, also raising the risk of mortality: since the beginning of the year, 6 children have died from the virus, 4 of which in the last month alone. Streptococcus – according to the Health Security Agency report – has affected 851 people in the last seven days alone, compared to the weekly average recorded in previous years of 186 cases.

“Scarlet fever is usually a mild disease, but it is highly contagious,” authorities warned. Therefore, look out for symptoms in your child if they include sore throat, headache and fever, along with a fine, pinkish or red rash with a ‘sandpaper’ sensation.

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The contagion

It occurs through the spread of respiratory droplets or contact with contaminated objects.


Sore throat, also with pain when swallowing, and then fever, headache, abdominal pain, whitish patina on the tongue. Then within two to three days reddish spots and dots appear on the skin, starting from the neck, which disappear within a week or ten days.

The diagnosis

It occurs through a throat swab.

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