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4 ways to not get killed by stress

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Salute – Body care is one of the ways to combat mental fatigue

Viterbo – sponsored – Health, mental and physical well-being and a good mood are essential for living one peaceful life.

Every day, there are too many things that we subject to stress: the work, the boss, the bureaucracy, the children’s school, the bar always crowded with noisy people … whoever has it, more.

No stress

Stress, you know, is a enemy very strong for general well-being of our lives. Numerous studies show this: stress levels are getting higher and higher.

Exist two kinds of stress: that acute and that chronic. The difference is simple:

  • The acute one occurs only once, has a short duration and, once the problem is solved, well-being is restored;
  • Chronic occurs when the stimuli that stress us are repeated over an extended period of time.

Lifestyle, eating and daily habits, the people we hang out with and the places we spend our time are some of the factors that influence our quality of life. Stress can be resolved, but it’s not always easy to change your mood and habits. When it comes to work, then, we all agree that it is difficult to leave a safe place, especially when you have a family, a rent or a car to think about.

Beware of stress

Stress is a silent enemy. It can become a trouble, especially if chronic and repeated. Pandemic situations such as that of Covid-19, then, have done nothing but increase the problem exponentially.

More than 40% of people reported experiencing increases in stress, paranoia and other bad mental conditions in times of pandemics. We also know well that many prefer not to talk about their problems; therefore, the problem certainly affects a slice much wider of people.

Moving away from epidemic situations, there are other situations that, curiously, can affect stress. For example, avid fans are more at risk of having a heart attack while watching the game, according to one studio. This condition can be traced back to “bad habits”, although it is difficult to consider cheering on your favorite team as dangerous.

How to fight stress

Stress, fortunately, can be fought. There are many ways to do this. Effectiveness also depends a lot on the person and his interests. What can relieve one’s stress may not work for someone else.

Here it is below 4 methods which prove to be effective for fight chronic stress.

Start a new hobby

The hobby they distract us, help us to “disconnect” with thoughts and allow us to be in contact with other people. The latter aspect actually depends on the type of hobby you choose: you can play chess alone, for example.

Also, a new business makes us get out of the monotony of everyday life. Sometimes, stress is dictated by a boring and overly repetitive life. If you feel your life is too linear, consider a new hobby.

Consider meditation and yoga

Many people manage to find relief through the meditation. Forms of meditation help us focus better on what really matters, while letting out the negative thoughts that haunt our existence. The yogamoreover, it can be an excellent support to meditative practices.

These practices are perfect for those who feel strong mental and psychological stress.

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Consult a human psyche expert

Professional figures such as psychologists, psychotherapists, but also shamans and holistic medicine experts can help you find comfort and overcome mental obstacles. There are many paths, and there is not one more just than another.

Sometimes, a mixed of all these practices can be a winning solution.

Take care of your body with dedicated products

Even the body affects mental well-being, especially in the long term. There are several online easy to use tools to consult body care products – such as the Stanhome catalog, where you can find relief with articles from the Kiotis product line, which are based on essential oils. Indeed, there are those who claim to have rediscovered a feeling of youth with Jeunesse Révélée creams. The choice is wide and for all tastes.

You can also do the same at rivphysical endors. You can even consult your doctor for a consultation tailored to your needs.

Here too, yours personal preferences they’re important. Try to indulge your tastes and your body (and mind) will thank you

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November 19, 2021


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